Aderma® in the centre of Acute Trust Networking overhaul

8th of December, 2010 Bookmark and Share
Recently the focus of the marketing department at FPD Medical has been the development of new communicational activities which will allow for new methods of interaction with acute trusts, with regards to the Aderma® brand.

The idea of one of the new methods is to create a place online where all types of Aderma® purchasers can go and interact with one another, discuss the product, discuss solutions to any problems that are present and to allow for FPD Medical to communicate with its audience regarding any product developments, promotional activities, successes and future events.

Aderma® has recently been added to the worlds’ largest social networking site currently known as Facebook. This approach was taken purely due to the fact that there are over 400 million users currently active on the site with a good chance that a small proportion of that figure work within the NHS and have come into contact with Aderma®.

Facebook also has the means to allow for users to start groups which other users can then join. On the site there are currently a large number of groups including The Tissue Viability Society, Nursing, NHS, Wound Care and Pressure Ulcer Prevention which FPD Medical are interested in communicating with to introduce the benefits of Aderma®

FPD Medical CEO Dr Craig Barson gives a brief statement as to why Aderma® should join Facebook-

“When this communicational approach was first proposed my immediate reaction was why not?
Facebook allows for us to communicate with our current and potential customers in one sitting and allows for them to communicate with each other using a free online tool.
Recently there has been a lot published about “mobile health” and “telemedicine”. Through the use of Facebook we are simply changing with the times and adequately adapting ourselves to the current market.”

Dr C Barson also stated that other methods of communication were also in development but could not state what they were at this time.

FPD Medical Ltd are also proud platinum winners of the Nursing Times Product Awards 2010 with the entire Aderma® range.
Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Assistant at FPD Medical