Back to the ‘900s: Inauguration of the Twentieth Century museum in Milan

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Milan 3rd of December 2010 -To celebrate Néo the international e-Magazine is dedicating a special issue in December to the Twentieth Century and in particular to the Twentieth Century museum that will be inaugurated in Milan on the 6th of December.
The museum’s aim is to investigate, explain and retell the story of the Twentieth Century in all its complex and fascinating aspects. The museum will open its doors in the historical surroundings of the Palazzo dell’Arengario: on show more than 400 works of art from the XX century to admire for free until February 2011.

Cultural works of art that embody the spirit of a time recently ended and which probe the Twentieth Century identity through specific themes: it starts with a section dedicated to the International Avant-garde with paintings by Picasso, Braque, Klee and Kandinsky, Laurens and Modigliani to then move on to the first room dedicated to Futurism. The route is indicated by monographic sections among which the one by Umberto Boccioni, with an unparalleled collection of unique works of art. Then onto the art of the Twenties and Thirties between the Twentieth Century and Abstractionism with monographs by de Chirico, Morandi, Martini and Melotti, while there is a large room in the dell’Arengario tower dedicated to the work of Lucio Fontana.

A dream invitation therefore to relive the original works in their context and to truly understand the sense of its style and taste. The spiral staircase inside the innovative structure designed by Italo Rota and Fabio Fornasari, gives the right sense of importance and ambition of this project: a functional element that links the different floors of the tower from the Underground level to the picturesque Duomo cathedral terrace and yet at the same time an artistic element that will make the Palazzo dell’Arengario universally recognisable. A complex and well structured route studied by a high level scientific committee which was created ad hoc for the Milanese location headed by the Central Cultural Director Massimo Accarisi and the Museum Sector Director of the Milan City Council Claudio Salsi, coordinated by Marina Pugliese, Director of the Twentieth Century Museum Project.

The exhibition space provides the visitors with an emotional experience as well as a historical one as they move through space and time. Not just a container to preserve the works of art but a trip that can involve the visitor in a unique experience that has become a tangible sign of a city that has renewed itself in the memory of its past, as the Mayor of Milan Letizia Moratti declared: “To spread the knowledge of Twentieth Century art and make it possible to see the best and most extensive collections that Milan has inherited over the year: these are the objectives of the project designed by Italo Rota and Fabio Fornasari to reinforce the identity of Milan and increase its international prestige”.

There is also an interesting journey of the Twentieth Century man in Nèo, through cult films from every decade; a comment by Gillo Dorfles on Twentieth century paintings; the XX Century charts with music records from the century of the hit parade; without forgetting the literature and architecture that embody the atmosphere of the time.

Also in the issue of Néo the official winners of the IdeaMi contest for international artists will be published.

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