The rise of Event apps with Social Networking Integration

21st of March, 2012 Bookmark and Share
Smartphones are becoming the best communication platform in the business environment. Thousands of mobile apps are getting deployed in the market across various categories and different platforms. Amongst various categories the utility based applications get the higher attention from the business class. These applications prove extremely beneficial to big organizations as well as SMES to expand their businesses by deploying such applications for their products and services.

The organizations which expand their horizons through organizing various events, conferences and trade shows, opt for various marketing strategies. Event based mobile apps come to the rescue for event organizers and attendees to make the most out of trade shows. Such apps are springing up in large numbers and are successfully creating engaging customer experience in real time.

OpenXcell Technolabs, a prominent mobile and iPhone apps developer has developed such event apps with social networking integration. It has deployed a mobile app in the market that that syncs the phonebook data for networking purposes. This app allows its users to track their friends and set connection or ‘glue’ them. It has a thorough profile set up that gives varied profile variables to its users. Registered user can access locations of their glued friends on Google maps and can arrange a meet whenever they want. Shailee, Marketing expert says “it is really interesting to bridge the gap between businesses with applications that provide information on events, seminars, fairs and trade shows that are essential for businesses.” The company has worked on many such apps and has registered positive reviews for its applications.

The mobile app industry is highly optimistic as bigger players are entering into this nascent market. The developers are basically focusing into iPhone app development and Android app development to fulfill this potential need. The best part such application is that that they are often launched with a web based interface too. The website gives same set of functionalities and allows user to update their information over the website as well. The cross functionality such applications across mobile and PCs is highly advantageous since the target users of the service might employ PCs to access the web or might choose Smartphone to go mobile.

OpenXcell Technolabs is a leading off shore iPhone apps developer. The company holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification and also a member of NASSCOM. OpenXcell has its headquarters located in the US with its app development centre located in India.
Jayneel Patel
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