Apple launches mobile apps for iWork and iPhoto

16th of March, 2012 Bookmark and Share
Cloud computing is changing the way we consume data and information across devices. The IT industry has shifted its entire focus to create an ecosystem that allows users to access their data irrespective of the computing device they are using. As enterprise-level cloud services bloom, Apple is aggressively making a strong hold in the consumer level cloud services with a strategic iPhone app development pattern. Apple has recently launched mobile apps for iWork and iPhoto that integrates its cloud services alongside. So now, whether you are in office using a Mac or playing with your iPad at home, creating and accessing office documents would go real time with iWork now. The experience will go another step with iPhoto which will now allow you to sort, edit and share pictures with mobile iOS devices.

The news did not come as a shocker. As explained by many tech clusters, it was expected of Apple to launch cloud services for iWork close to Microsoft’s 365. Infact the announcement came little late since players like Alfresco also launched mobile 1.2 that integrates quick office and fosters content management with mobile devices. “There are functional symmetries between these applications but iWork with its seamless cloud integration will probably write another successful iPad and iphone app development story by giving a hassle free end user experience” says Jayneel Patel MD, Openxcell Technolabs. iWork includes three basic tools, Pages, numbers and Keynote which are analogous to Word, Excel and PowerPoint in MS office. However, the functionalities make it easier to create content on iWork with better aesthetic appeal.

iPhoto which also made its debut into iPhone and iPads is a generic application. iPhoto is a must have tool for every iOS user. iPhoto which allows users to resize, crop and edit pictures has now optimized its basic functionalities to perform similar photo editing functions with touch and tap actions. The application will also allows GPS tagging to easily remember the places where specific shots were taken along with identifying similar faces in an album. Coupled with iCloud, iPhoto will create a robust and effortless environment to edit, store and share pictures. iPhoto has been a pioneer to integrate social media along with photo editing and storage in a system. With integration with cloud services it is going to take the experience a step further.

Providing Cloud services for end users is a strategic initiative which Apple is banking upon. If Apple continues similar iPhone app development and iPad app development patterns it will again lead a domain and gain strategic advantage by integrating common user necessities with iCloud.

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