CereProc showcases world’s first TTS voice with Irish accent in time for St. Patrick's day

14th of March, 2012 Bookmark and Share

Global leader in advanced text to speech technology company CereProc, has built the world’s first mobile text to speech (TTS) voice offering an Irish accent available for use on Android, and versions available for download on Windows, Mac iOS and other X/ server platforms in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Hailing from County Dublin in the Republic of Ireland, voiceover artist Caitlin provided her voice for the project which used advanced voice creation technology to deliver a synthetic female voice with an Irish accent which is full of character and personality.

With an objective set to provide the market with a go to voice with an Irish accent for use across multiple platforms for a variety of personal and commercial means, CereProc’s Chief Voice Engineer, Chris Pidcock is thrilled to present Caitlin in time for St. Patrick’s Day:

“We’re really pleased with the Caitlin voice which we hope people will enjoy listening to and using on whichever device they choose. Indeed the voice has been created for a variety of more serious and commercial uses, however, I know that on St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll use Caitlin on the Sat Nav in my car to get me to the party, and allow her to give me directions over my mobile on the walk home from the party!”

Available for integration into Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, the Caitlin voice adds value to any automated customer service which seeks to engage further with an Irish audience, or indeed to project an Irish identity over the phone for branding purposes.

Specifically developed to be used commercially, personally, and in education, the Caitlin voice supports screen reading and many assistive technology tasks such as reading Word documents, while enhancing the productivity of users and improving their engagement with education and others around them.

A live demo and download of the Caitlin voice can be found on cereproc.com, while the Android version is available for download from the Android Market.
Iain S. Bruce