Consumers hold ICT entrepreneur responsible

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London, 28 February 2012– Loss of data during the repair of computers is unnecessary and could be prevented. ICT entrepreneurs unnecessarily burden themselves with the anger of consumers when data is lost. This is the opinion of Stellar Data Recovery.

In its latest newsletter, ICT Waarborg, the representative for the ICT sector in the Netherlands, reports that angry customers held various ICT entrepreneurs, who have lost data during a repair, responsible. Regardless of who is legally right, a discussion can easily be prevented, says Stellar Data Recovery.

‘There is no need for loss of data during the repair of a computer or storage system. It can be prevented, or restored," says Kees Jan Meerman, Chief Operations Officer at the data recovery company. "If a consumer has not made a backup when it was still possible, the ICT entrepreneur will still be able to do so himself. This requires software specifically developed for that purpose, such as the program Insta Back Up .’

If data is really lost, it can be recovered in 98% of the cases, according to Meerman. "Especially if the data has been lost by 'just' formatting the computer, but also in many other cases. Often, the ICT entrepreneur can do this himself with the help of data recovery software developed by Stellar’s R&D; department.

Rescue Advice
For repairs with the objective to save data on a computer or to restore it, it is advisable not to take any risk and to call the Stellar Data Recovery help desk. Meerman: ‘We support IT companies with advice on the most appropriate recovery or restoration software for that particular situation. In severe cases, the storage system can be dealt with in our laboratory in Utrecht. There are often partnerships between Stellar and other IT companies. The data will be saved quickly and safely. The discussion about data loss will be prevented. The consumer will not be angry; on the contrary, they will be extremely grateful to the IT company for its services.’

If the customer holds an IT company liable and data loss is covered by the liability insurance, the insurer will generally handle the case. Stellar is frequently asked to recover any data that can still be recovered. In that case, the cost of a data recovery operation will be covered by the insurance.

For the first time since the existence of the internationally operating company, the Stellar Data Recovery’s partner program is opened up to IT professionals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This will take place at the international IT trade fair CeBIT on March 6, 2012.

About Stellar Data Recovery
Stellar Data Recovery is a specialised IT company offering worldwide high-quality data recovery software and services. With over one hundred data specialists, laboratories in the Netherlands, the United States and Asia, and the most extensive set of self-developed data recovery software, Stellar is a global leader in the field of data recovery.

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Kees Jan Meerman
Jan Meerman, Chief Operations Officer, Stellar Data Recovery