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Charleston, SC , 27 February 2012 : Examiner.com, a website that more than 20 million monthly readers across the U.S. and around the world frequent, has recommended GetAway Grey Super Premium Vitamins for reversing grey hair. This mention has been welcomed by GetAwayGrey users as it reinstates their faith in the revolutionary product. Examiner.com termed GetAwayGrey as a revolutionary product as it is a great alternative to hair colorants. The article stated that GetAwayGrey super premium vitamins emerged as a much awaited alternative to hair colorants with harsh chemicals.

The complete article can be found here (http://www.examiner.com/events-lifestyle-in-los-angeles/revolutionary-product-promises-to-do-away-with-grey-hair ). Here is an extract from the article, “GetAwayGrey is an all-natural product in which the main ingredient, catalase, is replicated from an exotic plant. The vitamin also combines herbal, plant and mineral additives—such as biotin, zinc oxide, pantothenic acid and nettle root extract—to bring luster and thickness to the hair.  GetAwayGrey is manufactured with the highest quality and purity of ingredients, by one of the leading United States vitamin producers.”

GetAwayGrey is delighted by this special mention they have received from Examiner.com. They are of the view that their main ingredient catalase enzyme is the reason behind the effectiveness of the product. GetAwayGrey has a super concentration of the catalase enzyme that acts like a cure for grey hair. It reverses grey hair while providing a healthy and natural alternative to the harsh, chemical and toxic hair dyes. People taking a regular dosage of GetAwayGrey Super Premium vitamins will see their graying stop as well as their original hair color returning from the roots.

The article at Examiner.com has also mentioned the University of Bradford research on Catalase enzyme and how its decline leads to gray hair. Here is another extract from the article, “The vitamin can be used by men and women alike, to prevent grey hair or to begin the reversal process that will allow hair of one’s natural color to grow back. Findings have shown that results vary depending on the individual—some start to see results as soon as 8 weeks, while it may take up to 12 weeks for others.”

GetAwayGrey is quite excited by the increase in buyer interest after being claimed as one of the revolutionary grey hair remedies and plans to serve its buyer community dedicatedly.

About Get Away Grey:

For people who wish to get rid of grey hair, the GetAwayGrey Super Premium Vitamin is a revolutionary product that reverses the growth of grey hair. The Catalase based vitamins came out in 2009 and since then have helped many customers.

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For people who wish to get rid of grey hair, the GetAwayGrey Super Premium Vitamin is a revolutionary product that reverses the growth of grey hair.