Outdoor Directional Antenna Uses an N Female Connector

14th of February, 2012 Bookmark and Share
Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Inc. (www.GAORFID.com) is offering its outdoor directional antenna with 9 dBi signal gain. It is designed to strengthen the signal power, increase the wireless range, reduce dead spots and extend reliability at high data rates.

This 2.4 GHz 9 dBi directional antenna, model 304019, uses an N female connector guaranteeing wider compatibility with most wireless equipment such as access points, routers, bridges and network adapters. It features easy installation, linear and vertical polarization, and 100 cm low loss CFD-200 cable for flexible deployment. The directional antenna is compliant with 802.11b/g and 2.4 GHz wireless application.

The direction antenna provides a weather proof design which allows it to work reliably in various demanding outdoor situations. In addition, it does not require configuration or installation of software.

This 2.4 GHz 9 dBi outdoor directional antenna belongs to GAO's family of RFID Antennas. Two featured products in this line is UHF 902 to 928 MHz 8dBi Reader Antenna - Linear and 433 MHz. Active RFID Whip Antenna.This line also includes 134.2 kHz Fixed Reader Antenna which is designed for applications with demands for long distance identification, such as animal feeding or weighing stations, 433 MHz. Active RFID Circular Polarised Patch Antenna, 902 MHz to 928 MHz Threshold Antenna and other similar products.

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