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Learn How to Think Like a Top Op; Security Company Team Building Courses Teach Skills, Provide Thrills

LAS VEGAS/LONDON, ENGLAND – Corporate executives will be hard pressed to find a more gripping team building exercise than the 007-inspired programs being offered from International Task Force. ITF’S corporate training helps participants snoop like Sherlock, and drive like, well, a novice version of Mr. Bond.

ITF LLC ( is a world leader in the placement and training of close protection and surveillance operatives. The company has incorporated their top techniques into a thrilling, yet effective, series of courses that teach “civilians” a more Main Street version of the anti-surveillance, situation awareness, and defensive driving techniques used by high level security operatives.

“We’re not playing Paintball with people,” said Neil Buckle, an executive with ITF. “Safety is serious business in today’s world, but we make the learning fun and compelling.”

According to Buckle, executives and employees feel vulnerable for many reasons. “If you are a key holder at a bank, or a high ranking officer of a company where the information you have can be used to make money, it’s realistic to feel that you may be a target at sometime,” he said.

Although executives at ITF do not make their client roster available for security reasons, the company was hired recently by a U.S. healthcare corporation and leading Banking institution to train their consultants on anti-surveillance techniques and situation awareness after staff had reported feeling unsafe in their workplace locality.

Buckle added: “The vast majority of crimes, including kidnapping of executives or bank workers or their families, comes after months of surveillance and planning by the criminal. Our training helps individuals notice if they are under surveillance, and more important, we train them in what to do.”

Typical team building events consist of activities like paint balling or rock climbing, and whilst both are fun, they do not come close to the excitement of a ITF event. With ITF, participants will be educated in safety awareness, taught avoidance techniques, and learn skills that they’d never predicted could build team spirit. ITF’s training strengthens bonding, builds confidence, and helps reinforce the team’s sense of responsibility. All with a whole lot of fun mixed in.

In 2010, ITF LLC brings its corporate and personal security training to the U.S. And the UK, However, the company will tailor an event--any time, any where--in a location convenient for the client. A typical corporate event lasts between 1-5 days, and involves classroom work and role playing, with a heavy reliance on team building tactics and strategies.

Covered in the program are the following strategies:

-- Situation Awareness Training: Roll play on foot as you find out how much you don’t notice when walking through a public place.

-- Track a Target: Try to follow a non-compliant ITF operative, and then learn even more when you find out “What went wrong?”

-- Defensive surveillance: How to know if you are being followed, the key signals and tell-tale signs of disguise, avoidance techniques and defensive maneuvers.

-- Learn the differences between fixed vs. mobile surveillance

-- Learn to protect you and your family from being followed

-- Learn defensive driving for the protection of yourself, family and team members

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Formed in 1999, ITF LLC ( is a world leader in Accident and Emergency Call Centre Management and in the Placement and Training of Close Protection and Surveillance Operatives. With offices in the United Kingdom and United States of America (Nevada), the company also works directly with local and national government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, banking organizations, and any other group or organization that wants to improve worker safety, lessen vulnerability and enhance threat awareness by providing security training through dynamic team building exercises.

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Source: ITF LLC
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