CereProc’s Paul Welham gets call up to the EU LT Innovate Steering Committee

7th of February, 2012 Bookmark and Share
Global text to speech technology company CereProc today announced that CEO Paul Welham has agreed to take up a position in the Steering Committee of LT-Innovate The Forum for Europe’s Language Technology Industry.

Welham is one of three company representatives appointed to the board, and the position will see him take an active role in supporting the LT Innovate organisation establish a progressive strategy moving forward in the coming year, consistently working to satisfy the agreed Charter. In particular, Welham will be drawing upon his own and CereProc's extensive experience in multilingual text to speech, voice and speech technologies with the aim of bringing the benefits of the advancing language technologies to European citizens and businesses.

Commenting on the appointment, Welham stated: “It’s an honour to be selected to take part in the LT-Innovate Steering Committee, alongside such highly respected individuals. Language technology is continuing to develop at an incredible rate thanks to the research carried out across Europe, and the LT Innovate Forum provides the perfect opportunity to harness advancing technologies and the huge level of expertise that Europe currently boasts, initiating dialogue between European companies, research bodies and potential commercial partners.

“Of fundamental importance to me in playing a role in the LT Innovate Steering Committee is to ensure that the value and potential of innovative language technologies are fully explored, focusing on the challenges we face in pushing forward the commercialisation of language technology, and enabling, where possible, business collaboration and relationships to develop across Europe throughout the industry. I’m looking forward to drawing upon my own and CereProc’s experience to help the European language technology industry compete on the global stage, and thereby to create more high value jobs in Europe. Europe now more than ever needs a successful IT industry to ensure continuing success in all existing and new markets,” Welham added.
Iain S. Bruce
About CereProc As the UK's only text-to-speech (TTS) solutions company, CereProc produces speech synthesis systems that offer voices with character and personality. Having developed the world's most advanced TTS technology, with consistent international commercial and academic success, the Edinburgh-based company is a recognised leader in all aspects of speech technology. Founded in 2005 by a leading team of speech experts, CereProc works with a raft of companies and academic institutions to develop innovative TTS systems, designed to provide an engaging user experience, delivering realistic, emotional, custom built voices in multiple languages.