Aderma®: BREAKING NEWS - Change in Distributor for the entire Aderma® range

1st of February, 2012 Bookmark and Share
Aderma® Dermal Pad range of products will no longer be distributed by Focus Product Developments Ltd / FPD Medical Ltd. The rights to Aderma® have been acquired by the UK subsidiary of Smith & Nephew with a view to giving the product the sales support, opportunities and recognition it truly deserves.

CEO Craig Barson makes comment on the change:
“If given the right support we have always known Aderma® could have considerable potential within the pressure area care market.
We owe it to ourselves, national and international healthcare organisations and every patient who has ever suffered from a pressure ulcer to make Aderma® as widely available as possible. By providing Smith & Nephew with the ownership rights we believe this will take the product one step closer to fulfilling its core purpose - complete pressure ulcer prevention.
As a company we hope you will understand our decision. It has been an honour to work so closely alongside the nursing community over the past few years. There is absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind that Aderma® wouldn't be where it is today without the support and guidance that has been so readily given to us by all involved.”

As a result of the change in distributor please contact Smith & Nephew, contact details below, with regards to any questions or queries about the Aderma® range. PLEASE NOTE: NO changes to either the NHS Supply Chain Codes or Community PIP Codes will occur as a result of the change in distributor.

Smith & Nephew Healthcare Ltd
Wound Management
Healthcare House
101 Hessle Road
Kingston upon Hull
Tel: +44 (0) 1482 222200
Fax: +44 (0) 1482 222211
Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Support at Focus Product Developments Ltd