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Belden, MS – February 01, 2012 – Offering EMR medical transcription, V Transcription based in Belden, Mississippi assists group physicians, hospitals, physicians, clinics and healthcare organizations with skilled transcription of electronic medical records since 2008. Deploying web-based EMR application with data-interchange on a 128-bit SSL certified platform to ensure the privacy and security of all concerned data, the company offers 24-hour customer support from Monday through Saturday. V Transcription offers single physician clinics the option of narrating patient encounters into practice fusion with seamless transition and flexibility.

Utilizing versatility with a cost-effective approach, V Transcription offers clients an easy-to-use ASP platform transcription module, professionally trained medical transcriptionists who are constantly educated on technology advancement with adherence to HIPAA and HITECH Act updates. Honing core strengths with up-to-date trends in the healthcare industry, V Transcription gives their clients accuracy, timely delivery and a three levels of quality control with quality transcription services to vendors overseas. As a leading transcription service company, V Transcription is powered by V Script with a suite of technology and services that provide a full-lifecycle outsourced medical transcription solution for electronic medical records documentation. The company is adept at conceptualizing and managing the healthcare organization transcription system besides providing complete transcription workflow management.

Delivering customer satisfaction by streamlining costs with smooth workflow, healthcare providers and organizations have partnered with V Transcription to produce and deliver medical record documents in all medical streams with the set turnaround times and specified quality requirements. V Transcription guides customers to reduce their internal resources required to manage the transcription process that enables them to focus on greater patient care and core business activities. V Transcription has energized its module with the innate asset of human resources and has earned the trust of clients around the globe with integrity and dedication. V Transcription specializes in providing radiology transcription services to hospital radiology, diagnostic imaging centers and teleradiology facilities using RIS/PACS applications. As a leader in radiology transcription, the company delivers STAT reports with the fast turn around time of 15-30 minutes duration. Being a sensitive area, the rendition of radiology transcription service provides an equal balance between TAT and quality. The company delivers radiology reports with 99.9% accuracy within the required turnaround time.

Offering multispecialty transcription services, V Transcription integrates processes to ensure privacy, security and protection of all data with confidential encrypted passwords. V Transcription offers a money back guarantee within 30 days if their customers are not satisfied with their services. V Transcription combines skill and know-how with their core strengths to render reduced transcription cost up to 40%-50%, comprehensive workflow management with HL7 integration, easy EMR integration and EMR/EHR transcription with customized turnaround time. As one of the leading medical transcription companies, V Transcription offers medical transcription online with dictation options, a toll-free number, prescribed HIPAA and the HITECH Act standards and the value factor of affordable pricing.
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Maintaining a successful record with the outstanding qualities of integrity, dedication and passionate commitment, V Transcription as a medical transcription company provides medical transcription service in all streams of medical transcription including multi-specialty transcription. Adhering to HIPAA regulations besides following all updates of the HITECH Act, the company delivers on-time EMR medical transcription with medical transcription online through a toll-free number and dictation options. Providing electronic medical records with practice fusion transcription, V Transcription offers data-interchange with healthcare facilities on a 128-bit SSL certified platform to ensure the privacy and security of all data. For more information: http://www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com Contact: Jagan Mohan Phone: 1-800-723-4308 (Toll-free number)