Christmas Offer (Commercial and Domestic cleaners in London)

11th of November, 2010 Bookmark and Share
Act On Dust Ltd is specialised in providing commercial and domestic cleaners in London. We also do carpet cleaning.

Christmas offer

If you sign 12 months cleaning contract minimum 2hrs a day (Monday to Friday) with us before Christmas yearly 2 times carpet cleaning free.

Price List For Carpet Cleaning

2 Bedroom House/ Flat £120
3 Bedroom House/ Flat 180
4 Bedroom House / Flat £250
5 Bedroom House / Flat £275

All our staff fully vetted and well trained. We recognise the need for training, so all our staff are required to complete a fully documented training programme before they are assigned to any new or existing service.

Quality Policy & Objective

It is our Quality Management Objective to achieve the lowest possible defects record in fulfilling our clients contractual requirements. As a Quality Company, it is imperative not only to maintain standards but to continue to strive towards excellence, as this is the single most important key to success.
Quality Control Process
The purpose of the system is to record and establish that the agreed cleaning standards are being achieved and constantly maintained, while areas are highlighted that require greater attention to detail.

The program establishes minimum frequencies for contract performance inspections that are agreed with each client. Once agreed, an inspection will be recorded on to our Quality Inspection Schedule and cross referenced against records kept on site.

Quality Inspection reports have been specifically designed to assist in effective monitoring and detail necessary corrective action. These will be completed as per our Quality Inspection Schedule which will encompass the entire contract within a fixed period of time.

These forms are adaptable to any individual contract and can therefore be totally flexible in quantifying measurable elements.

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