Magento development in India for e-commerce websites

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E-commerce platforms are becoming increasingly popular in the current times. The channel structures across industries are readily facing a metamorphosis owing to empowerment of the retail customers. Responding to the pattern shifts in buying behavior, stores and large enterprises have started to move and channel their products through e-commerce websites. It is estimated that by the end of 2012 e-commerce sites would register more than $335 billion sales in the US alone. Seeing this, it has become a necessity for companies and even stores with few branches to have an efficient e-commerce platform.

Referring to the pattern of demands that e-commerce web developers are facing today, the need for customized websites is evolving. “Customers and especially small businesses want customization with accordance to their business operations in the website, but on the other hand they would spare a limited budget for the developers to get it done” says kalyan, Ecommerce research specialist of OpenXcell Technolabs which specializes in magento ecommerce development. “To answer these challenges, I would say magento ecommerce development is the best solution that creates robust customized e-commerce websites that please our customers and is also optimal for our developers at the same time at OpenXcell”, says Kalyan.

Considering the trend in magento ecommerce development, it is being observed that clients in an obsession to save money land up hiring free lancers to develop their e-commerce websites which might be risky. Before hiring a magento developer it must be understood that, apart from technical specifications, an e-commerce website needs an in-depth understanding of the various business processes that constitute a specific business. All these processes need careful integration to create a fruitful e-commerce site which will not only drive sales but would also create loyal customers. Thus, developers who not only have technical expertise with magento, but also have vast experience in understanding business processes and SOPs must be hired for a desired result.

Magento ecommerce development comes with interesting features that the developers like and prefer to work with. Paresh, an experienced magento developer from Openxcell Technolabs says, “Magento comes with a wide spectrum of features that includes an effective web server API for hassle free site management which helps integrating magento with third party applications like Tally, QuickBooks, ERP, inventory management, CRMs etc. “Apart from this, the integration of Google maps with magento is a very useful option that we have used to create some hugely successful and visually distinguishable e-commerce websites” adds Paresh.

There are various off-shore developers in India who provide cost effective magento ecommerce development services. They are highly talented and possess significant experience with magento and other similar tools for e-commerce sites. Along with this, Indian developers have strong communications skills which make them a preferred choice.

OpenXcell Technolabs is a premier web development company specializing in developing customized e-commerce websites with magento. Their focus on quality solutions and maintaining high standards has earned them ISO 9001:2008 certification. The company will showcase its expert services at the upcoming IT trade show, CeBIT 2012 to be held in Hannover, Germany all through from 6 March to 10 March 2012.
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