Dr. Puff Now Provides Effective Anger Management Counselling

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Newport Beach, CA, 25 January 2012 : Dr. Robert Puff is a licensed psychologist and therapist, who has been practising in the Orange County area for over 20 years. He offers therapy sessions to businesses and non-profits, and covers a variety of issues including personal and work relationships, depression, parenting, stress management, meditation, healing from trauma, and success. He now also provides anger management sessions. During these sessions, Dr. Puff imparts his patients with anger management skills using the Anger Work methods which he developed and describes in his book, Anger Work: How to Express Your Anger and Still Be Kind.

To impart the skills of effective anger management, Dr. Puff leads seminars and also provides individual, one-on-one therapy. He utilizes an approach called “Anger Work.” As a senior member of Dr. Puff’s team explains, “Anger Work is a psychological tool which is used to heal from past and present emotional pains. The basic premise of Anger Work is to let go of emotionally painful events by focusing upon them and expressing anger about the pain. By focusing upon the trauma over and over, the pain will gradually go away, never to affect you again.”

The two essential keys to making Anger Work effective are emphasized by Dr. Puff and his team as follows:

1. Not to take out or "act-out" one’s anger upon oneself
2. Not to take out one’s anger upon others (including animals)

Using these important principles, anger management skills and techniques can be adapted effectively by anyone. Taking out the anger is not a part of Anger Work. In fact, Dr. Puff defines expressing anger as simply “getting mad.” For the Anger Work sessions to be productive, it is important for patients to follow these important principles as well as to work through existing issues and avoid creating new issues.

Dr. Puff believes that a person can be truly happy only once anger is under control. As he reveals, "The secret to happiness is being glad about what you have while working toward making changes for an even better life. Any of us, in any situation, can be happy."

The highly effective anger management counselling provided by Dr. Robert Puff has made him an enormously sought-after local therapist. Orange County residents and organizations have already started reserving sessions with him to deal with their anger issues.

About Dr. Puff:

Dr. Robert Puff is one of the leading therapists in Orange County, California. He has been helping people for more than 20 years with workplace issues, depression, parenting, meditation, healing, and more.

Contact Information:

Dr. Robert Puff
2436 W. Coast Hwy, Suite 103
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Phone number: (714) 337-4889
E-mail address: DrPuff@DoctorPuff.com
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Dr. Robert Puff is one of the leading therapists in Orange County, California.