2012 Awards For The Worlds Very Best Products, Services, Art And People

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Monte-Carlo, Monaco ( Prsplash ) January 19, 2012 - Mary-Louise, Editor of VERYBEST.COM revealed that the list was finalized after a great deal of thought and preparation and contains a total of over 2,500 award winners throughout 80 countries from around the world. The editor also revealed that this year VERYBEST.COM has added the brand new category ART & PEOPLE to the awards list.

The 2012 award winners is spread out in 3 categories:

[1] Products, [2] Services, [3] Art & People.

The lists of winners may be viewed at http://www.verybest.com/awards/ starting January 28, 2012.

In the Products category, more than 300 awards were granted under the sub-categories: Private Transport; Fashion, Home décor and Connoisseur.

In the Services category, more than 1,000 awards were granted under the sub-categories: Chefs, Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping, and Travel.

In the Art & People category, close to 1,200 awards were granted under the sub-categories: Reading, Movies, Music Albums, Authors, Contemporary Artists, Living Legends, Movie Stars, Musicians, Photographers, and Supermodels.

VERYBEST.COM utilizes a proprietary evaluation system during the review of all nominees. This system is based on awarding up to a defined maximum of points to the nominee, with no limit as to how many nominees are able to win in any one category. Also a nominee can fall into various categories and so win more than one award. The process made it possible for smaller entities and local businesses to be nominated, providing they reach the standard.

Mary Louise
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