CereProc and Telisma voice the announcement of an ideal partnership

20th of January, 2012 Bookmark and Share
Advanced Text to Speech (TTS) solutions company CereProc has agreed a partnership with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems expert Telisma, enabling the creation of the most natural voice input and output systems available on the global market.

In an agreement which marks the connection of two speech technology industry giants, CereProc has been selected by Telisma to support a multi server deployment initiative which demands high quality French, English, Spanish and German voices.

Telisma, an OnMobile Global Ltd company, recognised the potential of integrating the complementary technologies of CereProc, with its own software speech technology, to form powerful and scalable solutions for customers seeking enhanced natural and accurate voice input and output carrier-grade systems which are tuned into specific vernacular language and accents.

Ideal for the project with Telisma, CereProc delivers speech content in multiple languages offering a natural prosody and characterful voices which are pleasant to listen to for long periods of time, essential when interacting with screenless, remote entertainment devices. Setting the standard in TTS technology and custom built voices, CereProc is recognised for English, Spanish German and French, with the latter ‘Metropolitan French’ voice existing as the most natural, realistic and characterful French TTs voice available.

“The partnership with Telisma is certainly a very exciting one. Both companies are operating at the cutting edge of speech technology, so it really is the coming together of the best technologies available on the market and we are thrilled to be involved in the production and delivery of such ground-breaking systems,” said Paul Welham, CEO at CereProc.

Going beyond a partnership of technologies, Telisma and CereProc also worked closely on MRCP server integration with the teliSpeech platform to facilitate the deployment of CereProc voices in telephony environments along with Telisma's technology.

An advanced programme of onsite training provided by CereProc, together with a professional responsiveness - turning around patches and voice updates for Telisma in a timely manner - ensured an efficient and effective integration process. Following CereProc’s training, Telisma now holds the expertise required to harness the unprecedented levels of control and modification capabilities of the core speech synthesis engine CereVoice, optimising the performance and effectiveness of this partnership of such pioneering speech technologies.
Iain S. Bruce
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