Coachworks White Paper urges Dealerships to Face Facts and Follow Three Steps to Success

20th of January, 2012 Bookmark and Share
Automotive industry specialist Coachworks Consulting says too many dealerships are producing “fictional” marketing plans to please manufacturers.

The national consultancy has also highlighted the “shameful enquiry burn rate” experienced at many franchises because of poor leadership, limited customer care and ineffective enquiry management – and it has published a range of measures retailers can take to grow sales and profits in 2012.

With analysts such as Deloitte and PwC predicting that new car registrations could fall to as low as 1.8 million this year, Coachworks has launched its Three Steps to Success in 2012 White Paper with the aim of helping franchises maximise sales in a tough environment.

Under three key headings – Sell More, Sell For More and Spend Less – Coachworks details nine practical steps dealer groups can take to increase sales and aftersales, improve customer service and retention and boost margins.

Advice includes writing a fact-based marketing plan and reconnecting remote leaders with the sales floor.

Coachworks Consulting Managing Director Karl Davis said: “We have linked to this White Paper from our home page because we want it to act as a reality check to dealer groups.

“Too many retailers create a marketing plan that is a work of fiction to pacify their manufacturer partners, and it bears almost no resemblance to the financial plan.

“Dealers should have made a New Year’s resolution to create a fact-based marketing plan that shows how they are going to generate sufficient sales opportunities to achieve the net performance figure required.

“In addition, there is a shameful burn rate of enquiries in too many businesses, born out of the fact that too many leaders are too far away from the sales floor.

“Whether car sales or aftersales, the needs are the same – only by understanding the real opportunity to do business can you judge the true operational performance of your team.”

Coachworks, which has helped hundreds of motor retailers and manufacturers improve sales, profitability and CSI, also advises dealerships to apply the “45-minute rule” to VHCs in aftersales, and to drop flat commission fees in car sales.

Mr Davis said: “The biggest cause of deferred work in aftersales is lethargy of process, and our experience shows that paying car sales people a fixed fee gives no incentive to sell profitably.

“There needs to be additional incentive based around margin retention as another way for sales people and managers to earn more money, with visual performance management techniques used to highlight effectiveness.

“It’s going to be a tough year, there’s no doubt about that, but if dealer principals and directors face reality and accept the need to change, they can achieve significant growth at the expense of their competitors.”

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Press release issued by David Johnson, Shepherd PR. For more information, or to arrange an interview, call 01335 368020 or email

Notes to Editors

Coachworks Consulting delivers no-nonsense, tailor-made leadership coaching, change management, growth appraisal and training and development programmes to the automotive industry.

Customers include leading manufacturers and dealerships in the UK and Ireland.

Coachworks consultants are experts in automotive business improvement and they are happy to act as industry commentators.

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Press release issued by David Johnson, Shepherd PR. For more information, or to arrange an interview, call 01335 368020 or email