100 Day Portion Control Challenge with Precise Portions Dinnerware System

13th of January, 2012 Bookmark and Share
Richmond, VA Jan 13, 2012 -- Entering the famous "weight loss month" of January, many people are wondering how to shed those extra pounds gained during the holiday season. Some have written New Year Resolutions, others are still contemplating on the S.M.A.R.T. healthy goals. Whatever the case, this 100 Day Portion Control Challenge is the right way to kick the New Year off to a great start.

"We at Precise Portions® are ready to put our weight management system to the test. For that we need our Portion'eers to help us.", says Ann-Marie Stephens, co-founder of Precise Portions. "We are asking our customers to accept an "After The Holidays Challenge", which we are calling New Year, New You! The Precise Portions® Way!".

Read more about the challenge and sign-up now - Plate Off Date: Jan 17!

Some of the reasons to enroll in this 100 Day Portion Control Challenge are:

* Better health and weight management
* Reward points which give discount at the company's store
* Many gifts along the way
* Fun way to adopt healthy eating habits for life - weight loss is just an added benefit for the overweight participants
* Coupon code Precise40 presents a storewide clearance sale - to help participants order and/or complete the dinnerware sets at home at a 40% lower cost.

"100 days of using the Precise Portions Dinnerware System is a great way to make the first step toward eating well the easy way. It's not only about portion control, it's about maintaining a healthy diet as a lifestyle - includes moderation, healthy eating, portion control and physical activity." explains Ed Stephens, co-founder of Precise Portions. "We want to put our weight management system to the test and help real people in real life situations better their lives and health".

The 100 Day Portion Control Challenge is to put the Precise Portions Dinnerware System to the test! This means that ideally all participants should:

* Use the Precise Portions plates, bowls and glasses
* Follow the guidelines recommended in the nutritional materials (healthy eating guideline, worksheets, daily menu planners, etc.)
* Have fun with this challenge - make it personal!

Sign-up for the challenge today and bring your friends - it's easier and more fun with people you love!

Participants will have constant support through email and social media. Everyone is encouraged to share comments on Precise Portions wall on Facebook and for the tweet peeps, #eatprecise100days is the hashtag to monitor the challenge during the next months.
Ed Stephens
Precise Portions is the first dietitian-designed porcelain portion control dinnerware system. Created to help people learn how to eat well, it takes the guesswork out of diet and weight management. Precise Portion dinnerware sets include microwave safe plates and bowls as well as drinking glasses. Precise Portion plates are designed with elegant vines to signify divisions between vegetable, protein, and starch portions and are available with or without additional dietary guidelines printed on the plate. For details, visit http://www.preciseportions.com or call 866.591.3438 (DIET). Media Contact PETER KOJALO peter(at)monomypr(dot)com (617) 304-4081 socialmedia(at)preciseportions(dot)com