E-Physicians Online Now Offers Consultation Services 7 Days a Week!

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Bandon, OR, 10 January 2012 : E-Physicians Online is one of the leading telemedicine and online medical resources. The company is now providing convenient online consultation services 7 days a week. People of Oregon, Virginia and Tennessee have always benefitted from the company’s service since its inception in September 2010. Now, people of all states can consult the doctors for their ailments and get a prescription.

A senior executive of the company further commented on the special features of their telemedicine resource. He said, “E-Physicians Online is open 7 Days a week! We have US Licensed and Board Certified Physicians only. Our services are secure, confidential, safe and affordable. We charge one easy payment and take no monthly fees.”

With the 7 days availability offer, people can consult E-Physicians Online doctors and get a short-term prescription and call it into the pharmacy of their choice. The physicians of the company can advise people on whether they need a specialist for their medical condition or not. They will also advice on the type of specialist the patient needs to consult. With the 7 day services, E-Physicians Online can treat patients when they are traveling and need expert consultation. The conditions for which the patients can get a prescription written are: Poison Ivy, Scabies, Pink Eye, Shingles, Athletes Foot, Sinus Infection, Cystitis and other common and non-emergency conditions. Bronchitis,

E-Physicians Online has received a tremendous response after their 7 day service offer, especially from patients of painful ailments like- bronchitis. A senior executive of the company commented, “What if you are short of breath, wheezing and have run out of your inhalers? You should go to your doctor, but this is sometimes difficult to do immediately. At this point you might want to consider an e-Physicians online consult to get a hold of the inhalers and have a bronchitis treatment before you go and see your physician. Bronchitis medication might include inhalers, steroids and sometimes antibiotics.”

The company hopes to help more residents as well as traveling folks with their 7 day availability offer. People are already approaching the doctors for bronchitis medication and other ailments.


E-Physicians Online has been providing online medicine consultations since 2010 in Oregon, Virginia and Tennessee. The expert doctors provide Poison Ivy, Scabies, Pink Eye and Bronchitis treatment.

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E-Physicians Online has been providing online medicine consultations since 2010 in Oregon, Virginia and Tennessee.