Amberlight Dragons’ Den

3rd of November, 2010 Bookmark and Share
Amberlight is proud to announce their first annual Dragons’ Den event on World Usability Day. The Amberlight Dragons’ Den event promises to offer you credible usability reviews from their industry experts, which can help improve your products or services and put you ahead of your competitors.

Our aim is to increase the awareness and practice of usability across start-ups and non-profit organisations. So, if you’re interested in providing a better user experience, we are keen to hear from you.

If you have a new website, mobile app or interactive service, tell us how it will deliver a great user experience. Your entry will be judged by our panel of usability experts, and the four successful entries will be invited to attend the event to present in person.

Each representative will receive an expert review of their product or service from our usability consultants at Amberlight. And the winner will receive 40 hours of free interaction design consultancy.

Theme: “A great user experience”
For whom: Start-ups and not-for-profit organisations
When: World Usability Day, 11th November 2010
Where: Central London
Benefits: Instant guidance and expert review of your product/service from usability experts.
Award: 40 hours of free on-going consultancy for the 1st year worth £6,500.
Dates & Deadlines:
Stage 1: Submit your application
o Tell us who you are and what you need (see below)
o Deadline for submissions: 2nd of November 2010
Stage 2: Inform successful applications
o Notified by 5th of November 2010
Stage 3: Amberlight Dragon’s Den Event (60 to 90 minutes)
o 11th of November 2010

Please send in your applications to with the subject as “Amberlight Dragons’ Den: [Company Name]”

Criteria for applications:
(Applications should be less than 250 words)
Company Background
o Service/Product
o Company size
o Vision
o Competitors
Product / Service
o Background
o Aim
o Target users (internal/ external)
o Type (Website / app)
o Similar products from competitors (optional)
o Access to service/app (other requirements, access rights for internal services)
Research Objectives:
o Purpose (Business objectives)
o Goals (specific to product/service)
o Benefits/impact of user research
o Internal challenges to usability
o Previous research (if any)

Criteria for judgement (winner):
Knowledge of product/service
Need for research
Impact of research (involvement in activity)
Eagerness/interest/drive to improve product/service
Kessey Esteves
Amberlight has been at the forefront of the user experience debate since 1999. We have pioneered various new methodologies over the years including our Active Testing process for iterative design in an Agile framework. Our consultants are well known on the international conference scene and involved in various industry bodies such as the UPA and government think tanks such as the BIS eAccessibility forum.