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King Edward VII’s Hospital has once again met all necessary standards for the best in patient care, according to a report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following an unscheduled inspection of the hospital on 12th December 2011.

The CQC is an independent regulatory body that periodically inspects all hospitals in England to ensure they meet standards of care. Checks and standards measured by the CQC include: people being treated with care and dignity; food and drink provided to meet patient needs; a clean and safe environment and well managed staffing services with provision for ongoing training and skills development. King Edward VII’s Hospital was found to achieve a very high standard in all of these areas.

The CQC last carried out a check on King Edward VII’s Hospital in April 2010. At each review the hospital has been found to maintain excellent standards for both staff and patients. The results were arrived at by the CQC following a review of information, a hospital visit and patient interviews.

John Lofthouse, Chief Executive at King Edward VII’s Hospital says: “I’m delighted by the results from the latest CQC inspection. At King Edward VII’s Hospital we are committed to the superior care of all our patients, so it is always gratifying to find we are making their treatment as safe and comfortable as possible.

“This success really is a testament to the continuing dedication of all of our staff, and highlights why we remain London’s foremost private hospital,” says Mr Lofthouse.

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Notes to Editors:
King Edward VII’s Hospital is an independent, acute private Hospital located in Marylebone, central London. The Hospital delivers the highest standards of private medical care in London, supported by outstanding nurses, first class staff and hand-picked consultants, all of whom are recognised leaders in their fields. In our most recent Patient Satisfaction Survey, the Hospital received 95.7% for overall satisfaction. Full details of the survey can be found at www.kingedwardvii.co.uk/patient_survey.cfm

King Edward VII’s Hospital is open to all.

Website: http://www.kingedwardvii.co.uk/

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