Floral and Hardy’s solution for maximising the space in your inner-city family garden!

29th of October, 2010 Bookmark and Share
If you live in the city with a small garden you will only be too aware of what a high premium outdoor space can be, particularly if you have small children. The garden design team at Floral and Hardy has come up with an innovative and creative solution to solve this problem, the hidden trampoline!

Children love playing on trampolines so they make a great addition to any family garden, however they can be a bit of an eyesore and take up a lot of space that can’t be used for anything else. Floral and Hardy recently completed a project in Dulwich, South East London for a family with young children. The client wanted their garden to be a space for their children to play in as well as being somewhere where parents could relax and spend time together with friends. Floral and Hardy designed a sunken trampoline in the family’s lawn and built two aluminium covers to hide the trampoline when it’s not in use.

To ensure the kids stay safe on the trampoline the inside of the aluminium covers have been protected with soft padding to prevent the children from hurting themselves. The trampoline itself is stabilised on a sunken concrete platform, the rest of the hole is filled with shingle so rain water easily drains away.

Garden designer, Helen Ellison says, “This garden only receives a limited amount of sun light, particularly in winter. With this in mind we chose to use artificial grass on top of the covers as natural grass would probably die out during the winter. The family we designed the garden for absolutely loved it as they now have an outdoor space the kids and parents can equally enjoy.”

If you want to get more from your city garden get in touch with Floral and Hardy to see what they can design for you.


For further information please contact James Mortimer (james.mortimer@leapfrogg.co.uk 01273 322 327) or Lucy Freeborn (lucy.freeborn@leapfrogg.co.uk 01273 322 849.
James Mortimer
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