Amaron Quanta Batteries, the Best AGM Batteries

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The widely preferred supplier of the Industrial Batteries, Amara Raja Batteries comes with AGM batteries, backed by the renowned JCI technology to provide unparallel power backup solutions to a variety of industries. With a promise to handle all the power backup requirements that no other SMF battery brand in India can provide, Amara Raja offers Amaron Quanta with the fail-proof battery technology, tested and produced in the companies manufacturing unit.

Amara Raja Batteires are the most sought-after batteries by major telecom operators including BSNL, MTNL, VSNL, Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Telecom and equipment manufacturers including Alcatel, Lucent Technologies, Siemens and Nokia. The company is the key seller to the Indian Railways. Being the suppliers to the world’s largest manufacturers of UPS, the American Power Conversion, Amara Raja also find application across a wide variety of industry segments including Power, Oil & Gas and UPS.

The amara Raja AGM Batteries are designed with perfection and promises safety and performance. Created with cutting-edge technology, these batteries are a result of innovation to satisfy the growing demands for quality power backup.

The stylish batteries designs are create by Amara Raja with a lot of thought to ensure high performance with minimum maintenance. Amara Raja batteries have heavy duty L terminal which is best suited to carry high rate discharges. These batteries ensure more than 98% recombination efficiency as they come with High Compression Absorbent Glass Mat separator.

Amara Raja batteries are packed with such high end features that promise beyond expectations. The renowned Amaron Quanta batteries of Amara Raja have a patented heavy duty lead alloy and thick robust–cell connection that ensures long life and customer satisfaction of Amaron Quanta batteries. Reliability is another commendable factor which these special batteries promise as they are the best-in-class product with the world-class manufacturing infrastructure. Amara Raja batteries provide high power delivery with their low impedance path and supply instantaneous high current and provide high rate discharge performance.

Amara Raja brings to the insightful Indian customer, the first and the most powerful Maintenance-Free batteries in India. The company has its fully integrated top-notch manufacturing facility in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

Amara Raja is well known for providing the best Inverter Battery India, Industrial Batteries Kolkata, AGM Batteries Hyderabad and VRLA Batteries Bangalore. Amara Raja is also the renowned manufacturers of Mono Block Batteries Mumbai, UPS Batteries Ahmedabad and VRLA Batteries Chennai.

Amara Raja batteries are tailor-made to suit the customer’s convenience and promise immediate recharge with the help of the patented insta-charge Paste recipe, excellent charge acceptance and low self discharge. Amara Raja also follows high quality control measures and policies to keep each and every product that goes out of the manufacturing unit refined and perfect. Above all they provide effective after sales support all around the country.

For more information:
Amara Raja batteries limited,
No.61, Buckhingham Terrace,
Mc Nicholas Road, Chetpet,
Chennai – 600 031, Tamilnadu.
Phone : 044-26615695 / 97
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