Converse – Great range of Converse sneakers still available

28th of October, 2010 Bookmark and Share
Sports giants Nike, owners of the unique Converse brand of casual footwear are pleased to announce their fantastic range of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes and boots which is available in time for the Christmas shopping period.

Nike acquired Converse back in 2003 and haven’t looked back since. They have continued to build on the already strong heritage which the company has built up since they first bean way back in 1908. A determined company whose ideals were built on the words ‘Its not about how old you are, but how good you are’ have managed to create a shoe that has evolved over many years but which never ceases to be popular with each new generation who discovers it.

With the many great styles and constantly changing ‘look’ of these casual shoes, the company still manages to keep the ‘old school’ look and feel of the original Converse boots but with an updated appeal to its newer wearers, undoubtedly the younger generation who can create a trend in an instant by giving a shoe their seal of approval and making it part of their ‘uniform’ which marks who they are and where they want to belong in society.

Converse these days is a great-looking sneaker in a highly fashionable time but it manages to hold its own because of its history and its coolness. The fact that it can have many different ‘looks’ means that its appeal is very wide and this all helps with sales and demand and longevity of a product.

In the past Converse has been associated with sport (specifically Basketball) and for a while was the official footwear of The National Basketball Association. It also enjoyed a time of popularity during the Rock & Roll era when rock band members adopted their individual look which included the Converse sneaker as staple footwear. Later in the 80’s, skaters started wearing the Converse in suede and leather and a whole new look that loved these unassuming shoes was born. It has been part of the ‘preppy’ look and the general casual look too and it does young, hip and trendy very well too. Its all about who is wearing them and what ‘look’ they want to project.

That’s the great thing about Converse, you can add them to a look and make it all your own. They go with jeans, smart or casual trousers, even short skirts and shorts if you want. Its really up to you. They’re not seasonal, they work all year round and if you are a bit worried about your feet getting cold in them in winter, the All Star Chevron even do a low shoe in canvas and jersey material with a wool upper for that extra warmth, should you require it!

Converse have always been popular but they are experiencing something of a ‘comeback’ recently with their sales increasing significantly and this isn’t surprising with their fantastic range for women, men, children and even a range of infants cute boots that are doing really well in their own right.

Maybe this is down to their latest advertising campaign which focuses on the music and film genres of popular culture (using a mix of musician’s like the trendy Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard from Hot Chip as well as Joy Division and New Order’s Bernard Sumner in a music video of ‘Didn’t Know What Love Was’ and the entire cast wearing Chuck Taylor All Star’s – this is a visual and sensory mix of high-fashion and popular culture with Converse at the very centre and looking cool and funky and very ‘now’. This is exactly the kind of cool that kids will be able to relate to and the image is cutting edge enough to advertise the brand and appeal to the young kids but also the older ones who remember Joy Division and New Order when they were first popular. So some very clever advertising there and its clear that the Converse brand is going to be around for a long time to come.

Nigel Linton
Recently graduated and working for the fantastic Converse is one of our best selling brands, we stock a full range of styles and desgins.