Effective Home Remedies For Ingrown Toenails

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Provo, Utah, 31 December 2011 :This piece of advice from Home-Remedies-Help.com can help people troubled by ingrown toenails. A reputable source of information about home remedies for a range of diseases and health problems, they have published effective solutions for ingrown toenails. They have a team of experienced home remedy specialists on their panel, who have advised Epsom Salt and Band-Aid Method, two very accomplished solutions for ingrown toenails.

As one of their specialists on home remedies commented, “As the nail is actually growing into the skin, the condition will become progressively more painful, even debilitating if it is not treated. While many visit a trained professional, often a podiatrist, when they have an ingrown toenail, some take matters into their own hands. Home remedies for ingrown toenails have been used for many years.”

The disease is caused by the microbial inflammation of the paronychium, which is the skin that encircles the nail. It can affect either the hands or the feet, but is far more common on the feet. Continuous use of ill-fitting shoes results in the growth of ingrown toenails. Such shoes press the toes into uncomfortable positions, causing ingrown toenails. The big toe or hallux is most commonly stricken with an ingrown toenail. The immediate remedy is not to cut their nails too short or to round them off at the tips. Surgery or prescription medication is required only in rare cases.

Soaking the affected feet in a bowl of warm water with Epsom salt can reduce inflammation. It is the swelling, the feet develop over the course of the day that aggravate the problem. As a supportive measure, you can also soak the nail in an anti-bacterial solution for a few minutes and apply an antiseptic ointment regularly.

Band-Aid method is another effective treatment for ingrown toenail, used in the case when the person is having a high pain threshold. An adhesive package is used to physically pull away the sides of the nail bed. Though the process is quite painful, it reduces pressure on the affected region and helps in the drainage of any pus that has accumulated around or under the nail.

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