CAT toppers tell you how to attempt the paper with head cool

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Tomorrow is the day for which you have burned midnight oil for the last so many months. Every step that you take tomorrow should be taken with proper care and attention. There should be no room for errors, which can stop you from reaching your goal.
To help you achieve your goal brings to you the best of the best mantras from CAT toppers, who are presently studying at IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Kozhikode, and MDI Gurgaon. They share with you how they kept their head cool and how they attempted the different sections of CAT exam. If you want to make the best use of the test then you have to keep these mantras embedded in your head. Read on:
Glen D'Silva, IIM Ahmedabad: “Cracking CAT is more of a mental game. A person who manages to remain cool in those 2.5 hours is the one who will come out triumphant. Often we have a mental block that we are weak in a particular section and this lowers our morale. Do not let that happen. Careful attention must be paid to selection, as that is the key for success, and effective time management.”
Amit Papneja, MDI Gurgaon: “The CAT exam may turn out to be the most important day of your life, but don’t take extra pressure thinking that it is. Treat it just like any other day, just like any other exam. Just stay relaxed. Don’t look at what others are doing or how much they have answered. Even if there is a glitch with the computer, don’t panic. It’ll get sorted out. To maintain concentration, just forget about the result of the exam. Focus on solving each question to the best of your ability. Think of it as a time-bound game/quiz, not as an exam.”
Aniruddh Phukan, IIM Kozhikode: “Devote the least time to the section in which you are best, and progressively increase the time allotted to the other sections. For a two hour paper this would ideally be a breakup: 30+40+50 minutes.”
Aniruddh adds, “Quantitative Ability is all about speed without compromising on accuracy. So when you attempt a question, make sure that it is correct. If it is too confusing just skip the question. Don’t waste time. Verbal ability needs quick decision making for choosing the correct option. Here it is easy to make mistakes so try to attempt a decent number of questions and not attempt all the questions blindly.”
Ranjan Panda, IIM Kozhikode: “Take up the section you consider yourself to be the most difficult and attempt it with great confidence. Do not ponder upon any particular question but concentrate on browsing through all the questions. Typically DI and QA take more time than VA so set time targets accordingly. Once you are done with the whole paper, now is the time to give more effort to solve the moderately difficult questions. Make an informed choice based on the first read through to choose the questions.
Shubhi Gupta, MDI Gurgaon: “Keep your head calm, attempt as many questions as you can and mark the questions which are taking time so that you can revert back to them at the end. Do not spend too much time on a question; manage your time well. Questions with huge data may be the easiest to resolve. All the Best and do well!!”
Rahul Mittal, IIM Kozhikode: “Just keep your nerves and don’t panic at any point of time during the exam. Believe in your abilities and remember that if the exam is difficult for you, it is difficult for most of other test takers as well. It’s just about maintaining the same level of concentration throughout the exam and that’s why make sure that you have enough rest on the day before the exam.”
Manish Sharma, MDI Gurgaon: “Develop a habit of going through the questions very quickly (say 2-3 minutes) and mentally marking those which you feel are easy and then those which you are good at. Attempt them first, so as to give you good head-start and calm your nervousness. Once the momentum sets in, you will definitely see an increase in the number of questions attempted. ”
Swagat Sinha, MDI Gurgaon: “Treat test day as just another mock which would allow you to function at your highest capability without letting the occasion awe you. The section that you are most comfortable in is the one you should start off with. This would give you confidence to tackle the paper going forward. With respect to time, you should try to go through all 3 sections once with at least half an hour left to go back to the questions left in the first turn.”
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