Academy Inc. Boasts a Top-Notch Client Experience for Businesses Seeking Custom Awnings

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Los Angeles, CA, 23 December 2011: If you’ve decided to invest in an awning for your business, you are probably already aware of their many benefits. Not only can they cut energy costs and help the environment, but they provide much needed shade for your customers and greatly enhance the look and ambiance of your business. To achieve the ideal setting for your business and its customers, Academy Inc., a leader in the manufacturing and installation of commercial shade products, provides specialized and personalized support to assist your business in the creation of the perfect awning, customized to your specific needs.

From start to finish, the professionals at Academy Inc. are at your side to ensure that every expectation is met. Our first meeting is an in-depth analysis of your awning needs, conducted by a dedicated account manager. This initial consultation is the best way for the professionals at Academy Inc. to learn about your company, your customers, and what you want and need out of your awning. Whether you have an idea of the type of awning you’d like or not, our conversation will ensure that we share your vision.

Next, our professionals will help you design a custom, top-of-the-line awning for your business. All business awnings are designed through Computer Aided Drafting and Rendering (CAD) using a full line graphics application. Custom awnings from Academy Inc. are available in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns that can be tailored with lettering and graphics to build your brand and attract new customers. Customized, branded awnings can also act as signage for your business, while providing shade and splendor. Our professionals will help you create an awning that will bring your storefront, restaurant, or hotel to life.

A senior executive from Academy Inc. said, “We are renowned for changing the look and feel of a business the moment we complete the job of installing awnings and canopies for entrances, display windows, and open-air events. At Academy, we custom design and manufacture each product on site to match our customer’s requirements. We have gained a solid reputation by combining quality products with unparalleled professionalism and customer service.”

Once you’ve chosen your design, Academy Inc.’s professional staff will take care of everything including applying the design, fabrication, and installation of the custom project. We, at Academy Inc., understand that clients want to be kept informed during this important process, which is why we provide superior and personalized customer service. Our clients have direct access to every department member in the event that they should have any questions. Rest assured that if you contact Academy Inc., there will always be a person on the other end of the line listening to and acting on your concerns and issues.

Discussing it further, a senior executive with the company stated, “You can receive estimates for your custom awning project by calling at (800) 422-9646. Our team is comprised of experienced individuals, who will discuss how Academy Inc. can transform your project and your business. Clients can also reach us filling out the form on our website. A member of our team will contact you within 24 hours.”

In addition to being engaging, Academy’s awnings are very durable, made to withstand the toughest weather conditions. Working in a 30,000 square foot facility in a Los Angeles, Academy Inc. experts manufacture awnings using robust steel and aluminum frames, double needle seams on woven fabrics and radio-frequency welding. State of the art technology, combined with skilled craftsmen, make for an ideal awning design recipe that exceeds client expectations.

At Academy Inc., providing you with a durable, eye-catching awning is the cherry on top of what we promise will be an exciting, authentic, and largely stress-free process.

About Academy Inc.

Located in Los Angeles, California, Academy Inc. is a leader in the custom manufacturing and installation of commercial awnings, canopies, umbrellas, shade structures, signs and cabanas. It is a fully licensed and insured company that has built its reputation by combining quality products with unparalleled customer service. They make use of new technology to provide the best of the custom business awnings including, but not limited to, restaurant awnings, hotel awnings, and storefront awnings.

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Academy Inc
Located in Los Angeles, California, Academy Inc. is a leader in the custom manufacturing and installation of commercial awnings, canopies, umbrellas, shade structures, signs and cabanas.