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If you want to keep complete control over your business, but would like to reduce the burden of basic HR admin tasks, HR software may be the perfect solution. Thanks to the availability of specialist guidance and HR tools included in Peninsula's HR outsourcing software, all duties can remain within the company, yet become more efficient and reliable.

Peninsula's HR software package can be used to manage three key areas of legislation: health and safety, tax and employment law. Moreover, all your authorised personnel can access Peninsula HR software from wherever they are in the world; all they require is their log in details to use our range of resources, sound advice and useful HR software applications.

Which HR tools does Peninsula provide?

Employment law: Authorised personnel can submit a query to the Peninsula employers law advice service whenever they need to. Tailored employment documentation such as contracts and visitor book templates can be downloaded and printed out. Sick leave, holidays and other absences can all be kept track of in the Absence Management calendar, a handy HR software tool that can generate management reports of any patterns emerging.

Health and safety: If there is an upcoming health and safety task to complete, the designated staff member will be alerted by the Responsibilities Planner. This health and safety HR outsourcing software also contains a range of guidance notes and advice to help them with their tasks. Paperwork and checklists can be downloaded, while the fire risk assessment software makes light work of a notoriously complicated process.

Tax advice: Peninsula clients can benefit from bespoke, expert tax advice whenever necessary. The management of invoices, fees and claims is furthermore facilitated by the TaxWise admin tool.

Often, the savings in time and paperwork can be outweighed by the desire to maintain a bit of control and keep costs down; so, Peninsula knows that traditional HR outsourcing may not be suitable for every business. As a result, we believe our affordable HR software is the perfect middle ground, allowing you to keep everything in-house, but making those mundane tasks much faster, simpler, and easier to keep track of.

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Sammual-James McLoughlin
Sammual-James McLoughlin is Head of Media, Press & Public Relations at Peninsula Business Services ( If you are a member of the media and need any further assistance, feel free to contact me.