The Aderma Sacrum

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FPD Medical Ltd - The Aderma Sacrum Pressure Ulcer Preventer

A pressure ulcer is an area of skin which has been severely damaged; damage can also occur to the underlying tissue following excessive pressure on one continuous point. Pressure ulcers are also caused by poor circulation which is further compromised by pressure, shear and friction and are also more common in prominent areas like the sacrum where protection is essential.

The Aderma sacrum pad helps maintain circulation and therefore helps reduce the risk of developing any category of pressure ulcer within the area of use. The sacrum acts as a substitute for fatty tissue significantly reducing pressure, shearing and friction; and helps prevent a pressure ulcer from forming by reducing and redistributing pressure away from critical areas and transferring frictional force away from the skin.

The sacrum was designed by FPD Medical in conjunction with specialist healthcare professionals projecting its usability and relevance. Since then it has become apparent that the sacrum is commonly used on a variety of different areas of the body including the hip, shoulder, ankle and head all to the same effect.

To date over 2,000 Aderma sacrums have been used helping over 2,000 patients avoid the development of a pressure ulcer. If you presume all of these patients could have developed at least a category 1 pressure ulcer then a final saving with the use of 2,000 sacrums, would be at least £2 million (1). If however they all developed a category 4 a saving of £20 million would be achieved.

The Aderma Dermal Pad brand is also proud to have been shortlisted in this year’s Nursing Times Product Award 2010. Winners will be announced at the awards evening on the 3rd November 2010, Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London.

“This year the entries have shown more commitment to quality, safer care and professionalism than ever before and our judges have had a tough task to narrow down the entries to the extremely deserving shortlist.”

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(1) Bennett, G et al, The cost of pressure ulcers in the UK, Age and Ageing, Vol33 No3 2004 “The cost of treating a pressure ulcer varies from £1,064 (Category 1) to £10,551 (Grade 4). 2,000 x 1,064 / 10.500 - Cost of 2,000 Aderma Sacrums = £2 / £20 million
Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Assistant