Aderma® new campaign “Stop The Wound, Stop The Problem” revealed.

30th of November, 2011 Bookmark and Share
The Aderma® Dermal Pad range consists of 9 products designed to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers. The range, made from a unique polymer gel, is a clinically proven cost-effective solution to the UK pressure ulcer problem currently affecting over 400,000 patients annually.

At this year’s Wounds UK conference in Harrogate the new campaign was revealed and was extremely well received by all. The message conveyed in the campaign, “Stop the Wound, Stop the Problem”, is one that communicates the product’s primary function as well as its advantages and benefits in a direct and engaging manner.

“Stop the Wound” symbolises when the intervention of Aderma® is required. In the majority of cases this would be when a wound is forming but the epidermal tissue is still intact. For example, a category 1 pressure ulcer or deep tissue injury, in which both could easily deteriorate into an open wound without an effective pressure redistribution intervention, highlight the importance of stopping the wound before the problem worsens.

CEO Dr Craig Barson, comments on the new campaign:

“The new campaign is designed to restate Aderma®’s many benefits to both the patient and the clinician.
These benefits and advantages should be seriously considered in these austere times.“

Aderma® has been available within the UK Healthcare market for a little over 4 and a 1/2 years. Within this time many evaluations and studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of the product. Within a recent ultrasound study with the use of Aderma®, 30 patients with a waterlow risk assessment score of 15 or more and category 1 pressure damage to the heel, saw vast improvements within the first week of the 2 month study. In just 7 days all patients whose heel was being treated by Aderma® had reverted back to a state of uninjured tissue in which it remained for the rest of the study. With results like the above it is no wonder clinicians and front line nurses like the product range so much and are enthusiastic about getting the range into their trusts. One of them recently commented::
“My team and I think the dermal pads are great products. They offer a cost effective solution for the prevention of pressure ulcers and are an invaluable asset in our tool box.”

To view the new campaign and all the clinical material to date please visit the dedicated website where an array of support material and product information can also be sourced: .
Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Assistant at FPD Medical Ltd