Dr. Puff Uses His Meditation Podcasts to Assist People to Heal Their Bodies and Minds

29th of November, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Newport Beach, CA, 29 November 2011: Dr. Robert Puff, a clinical psychologist and mental health expert based in Newport Beach, California, now hosts a weekly Meditation for Health Podcast. During his podcast, Dr. Puff shares the secrets of meditation that help to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. Drawing upon his thirty years of meditation experience, Dr. Puff helps people to overcome stress, depression, distress, anger, and anxiety.

Emphasizing the necessity of regular meditation, a senior staff member at Dr. Puff's practice stated, “Meditation can be instrumental in reducing your stress and instilling a greater sense of well-being. It helps to clean up the junk you unconsciously pile into your heart, body, mind, and soul, creating a sense of rejuvenation. A meditation guru helps you to gain clarity regarding your thoughts and inner desires, and enhances your self-awareness. Meditation helps you to focus on the present and to override fluctuations of the mind.”

Revealing the best ways in which to initiate and deepen the practice of meditation, Dr. Puff describes various new techniques used across the globe. He assists people to actually practice meditation rather than to just read about it. This meditation guru’s soothing voice guides you through meditation exercises and helps you to relax your body and calm your mind. Providing tips and suggestions regarding the why's and how's of meditation, Dr. Puff’s podcast teaches about every aspect of the practice.

Speaking about the healing benefits of meditation, the same senior staff member added, “Meditation is helpful with certain medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and anxiety. By training with a meditation guru, you gradually develop mental equilibrium, or a balanced mind that is happy all the time. The weekly Meditation for Health Podcast offers a quick visit to the world of meditation that informs, guides, and inspires you to implement meditation as part of your daily routine.”

Utilizing a holistic approach to life, Dr. Puff inspires people to meditate and to let go of their negative thinking patterns, heal from trauma, manage their stress, develop spirituality, and ultimately, to succeed in life.

About Dr. Robert Puff

Dr. Robert Puff is a clinical psychologist, meditation specialist, author, mental health expert, and motivational speaker. He has been successfully helping individuals, families, organizations, and businesses with his stress management program for over 20 years. Dr. Puff’s holistic approach to life and therapy enables him to help people across the globe.

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Dr. Robert Puff
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Phone number: (714) 337-4889
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Dr. Robert Puff is a clinical psychologist, meditation specialist, author, mental health expert, and motivational speaker.