Central Station Monitoring

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Unlike many other companies’ central station monitoring systems, we own our own call center where are phones are answered by our life safety operators. Our central station monitoring call center is in the United States and is manned twenty-four hours a day. You will be automatically connected to a real person, and never at the mercy of an automated recording system. Our central station monitoring is here for you at all times.

You can think of our central station monitoring as your security shelter. Our central station monitoring is where we can remotely check the batteries of your monitoring devices, instantly respond to your needs, and if you choose to use one of our monitored medication dispensers, our central station monitoring can make sure that you are getting your medication on time. If you miss a dose of your medication, the monitored dispenser will send a signal to us at central station monitoring.

We go above and beyond our competitors to provide you with the best central station monitoring for one simple reason: you deserve it. If you need help, our central station monitoring service responds right away. Our central station monitoring service can not only call an ambulance, but can let them know your choice of hospital, medical conditions, and your doctor’s information. Our central station monitoring means that you can be independent without being isolated. Central station monitoring can eliminate a lot of the risks of living alone.

Automated Security Alert has the best central station monitoring in the industry and over twenty years experience in taking care of our customers. Become one of our clients before you need us and our central station monitoring services. We are waiting to help you live a safer life.

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About Automated Security Alert: ASA has been a local provider of personal emergency response and medication dispensers since 1988. With offices in Philadelphia, Cleveland and their main headquarters in Pittsburgh, ASA’s trained operators provide in-home safety throughout the region with medical alert, fall detection and medication management systems. Through use of the array of available products, patients can increase their time at home by an average of six years. For more information on maintaining an independent lifestyle, visit www.automatedsecurityalert.com.