Aderma®: proven more efficient than controlled nursing treatment.

18th of November, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Aderma® Dermal Pads are an anatomical range of unique gel products that are proven effective at preventing the formation of pressure ulcers and healing the initial stages of damage caused by continuous pressure.

In a recent 2 month observational study the Aderma® heel pad was used on 30 care home residents within 3 nursing homes around the East Sussex area. During the initial assessment all recruited residents had category 1 pressure damage to the heel and a waterlow risk assessment score of 15 or more. The heel deemed to be worst during the initial assessment was treated with an Aderma® pad, whereas the other received controlled nursing treatment.

The results to the study were phenomenal. Within the 2 months each resident was visited 4 times where ultrasound scanning took place and the results documented.

1 week after the initial assessment the first set of results indicated a significant drop in the level of erythema on the heel where Aderma® had been used. In fact the tissue had returned to that of an uninjured state where it remained for the rest of the study. In contrast however the heel receiving standard nursing treatment had remained at the same level indicating no improvement or deterioration in the present level of erythema. During the remaining 3 visits the same assessment took place and the results indicated that the heel receiving controlled nursing treatment remained stagnated for the entire study.

CEO Dr Craig Barson comments on the results of this study:

“The Aderma® range of products was a result of a nurse-led innovation. We believe the nurse using Aderma® to be an influential partner and the idea is to make their job easier, whilst at the same time trying to solve the problem of pressure ulcers.
We believe the results to this study support our product mission and using Aderma® will aid nurses in treating pressure damage more effectively and efficiently.”

To read the full report please visit the Aderma® website @

Aderma® was also proven a success at this year’s Wounds UK conference. The product and the unveiling of the new campaign was well received by all, indicating continuous interest and growth across the product category as a whole.
Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Support at FPD Medical Ltd