Bio-Diamonds launches innovative wedding rings range

16th of November, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Unlike any other wedding bands available in today’s jewellery market Bio-Diamond wedding rings are incrusted with diamonds containing personal carbon (DNA). These diamonds are custom made from locks of hair and are identical in their chemical and physical qualities to earth mined stones.

It’s a difficult decision which wedding rings to purchase as there are many designs available - from traditional plain wedding bands to modern and unconventional styles. But one aspect of any wedding band choice will remain unchanged - it’s a very personal and special purchase and one that must continue to reflect true love and devotion.

Bio-Diamonds offers its clients a unique opportunity to celebrate marriage with the most wonderful and romantic gesture - striking wedding band rings incrusted with custom made diamonds that contain a tiny part of you or your loved one. A diamond can be created with a lock of hair of your loved one or perhaps a blend of hair of the bride and groom.

Mariya Leigh, Bio-Diamonds Operations Director stated ,“The possibilities are endless, our clients can order just one or more diamonds and they can choose whether to create these diamonds with one lock of hair or a blend of the bride’s and groom’s hair. In addition, Bio-Diamonds can be ordered in a variety of striking colours including cognac, yellow-green, deep red, blue, traditional colourless and even black, ensuring clients have a plethora of choice.”

Clients are invited to discuss their personal requirements and offered the setting of the diamonds into their chosen design. “Diamond incrusted wedding rings as well as untraditional customised wedding band designs are becoming increasingly popular as individuals are looking for a unique style and approach to their wedding band design”, Leigh said.

All Bio-Diamonds are certified and graded as laboratory grown diamonds by AnchorCert, UK’s independent diamond certification centre.

You can find out more information about Bio-Diamonds wedding rings range at or by calling 0845 6430 563.

Mariya Leigh
Bio-Diamonds is the first UK based company to offer laboratory grown diamonds created with inclusions of personal carbon. Our company has a plethora of experience in the jewellery and gem industry as well as scientific expertise in the field of synthesis of monocrystals. Throughout the entire process of crystallisation, polishing, cutting, certification and jewellery setting, we only use highly skilful professionals – scientists, diamond cutters, graders and jewellers to ensure 100% client satisfaction.