Atlanta Dentist Creates Sensation With New Toothpaste Line

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Atlanta, GA ( Prsplash ) November 10, 2011 - A new teeth cleaning product has made a strong first impression among natural beauty and cosmetic items. Typically toothpaste makers bring in dental experts to endorse their brand, but in the case of Kissable, a product introduced in 2009 by Atlanta dentist Dr. Danielle Greene, the creator herself is a DDS. Dr. Greene has been featured on the "People You Need to Know Women's Magazine," Spark Plug People website promoting the product, which has already picked up great buzz in the city where she conducts her regular practice.

Kissable is distinguished by it being an all-natural ingredient product, with cutting edge ingredients (especially cranberry extract, which exhibits powerful anti-bacterial features to protect teeth). According to the Atlanta dentist, "Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties combine with powerful antioxidant characteristics to boost health for gums and mouth tissues. Xylitol, a sweetener derived from fruits and vegetables, also offers an alternative to the artificial products often found in many toothpastes." Examples of the product are prominently displayed at the clinic where she operates her dental practice.

Dr. Greene, who is the primary practitioner at Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta, carries an outstanding resume to promote both her clinic and Kissable toothpaste. Trained in three university settings including the New Zealand University of Waikato, the Queens, New York born DDS is noted for being among the few professionals who provide personalized service to her clients. Dr. Greene is also a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the Georgia Dental Association, the American Dental Association, and the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry. With this complex of expertise and empathy, observers have noticed huge good will being generated by her business.

The direction of many dental health products has been to both incorporate natural compounds that produce a great taste when applied to the teeth and fresh breath, with a goal toward producing healthy teeth and gums. Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta has announced its products are also part of its ongoing educational drive to promote both oral health and general well-being and self esteem through its line of products and services. Many satisfied clients of Dr. Greene's clinic attest positively to both the quality of the personalized care she provides, and the associated toothpaste brand she has brought to market.

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Dr. Danielle Greene of Fabulous Smiles Of Atlanta is a trendsetter amongst dentist in the Atlanta metro area. In addition to her professional achievement, she keeps her patience smiling by providing affordable dental care with a courteous staff. My Fabulous Smiles is an industry leader in sports dentistry and cosmetic procedures.