Edinburgh's answer to Derren Brown to unlock the powers of the mind

9th of November, 2011 Bookmark and Share
For the first time ever, Edinburgh’s very own answer to Derren Brown, hypnotist Brian Halliday, will give a talk on the ‘Secrets of Mental Persuasion’ in the city’s West End tonight (November 9).

Brian, who’s a former stage hypnotist – having performed at the likes of the Edinburgh Playhouse – will give an insight into some of the secrets used by professionals like Derren Brown and David Blaine and how to apply them in a business capacity as a motivational tool during his two-hour workshop at 23 Melville Street – the city’s only boutique business centre.

He’ll give a sneak preview of how people, including business clients, are influenced by internal and external sources, with a view to helping his guests discover what’s holding them back and how to overcome it.
During his 25 years as a professional hypnotist, mind reader and performance coach, Brian has headlined the Edinburgh Festival and worked with national corporate organisations, small business owners and sports people in helping them to achieve their goals.

This time, at the first event of its kind to be hosted by 6 Degrees Networking, he’ll share the fruits of his expertise with local business owners and professionals at an exclusive soiree on the edge of the New Town.

For more information, or to book tickets, visit http://www.6degreesnetworking.co.uk/flyers/brianhalliday/


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Lynda Hamilton
Lynda Hamilton is a freelance journalist, travel writer and PR consultant based in Scotland.