20% off recruitment software packages in November

4th of November, 2011 Bookmark and Share
There's never been a better time for a recruitment agency to get itself organised for 2012. Released last month Darwin v3 sees the addition of Social Media integration including LinkedIn, Twitter and Social Monitoring. Recruiters can now browse LinkedIn profiles from inside their recruitment software, and import a candidate's LinkedIn CV directly into the database. Recruiters can also watch and react to live Twitter streams; and create social alerts that let them know as soon as their agency or any of their jobs are mentioned.

CEO Mike Charter, said: "Our mission is to make recruitment fast and easy. So we bring data, emails and social connections into a familiar Microsoft recruitment application, which is linked out to the agency website and to job boards, creating the optimal recruitment experience."

Version 3 also includes features like 1-click Job Board posting and Microsoft SQL Server reporting. These new features build on the existing functionality like Outlook Inbox integration and Global Searching of records, notes, emails & CVs.

Ideal for smaller agencies of 1-10 recruiters, Darwin self-installs in under 10 minutes, with training taking a further 30 minutes. For larger or more progressive agencies, Darwin is available as an on-premises server version, which can be customised or integrated with other systems.

Behind its user-friendly Microsoft Office exterior, Darwin is no ordinary CRM database. A hybrid of desktop software with cloud data storage, the recruitment software integrates with Outlook so that recruiters can actually see their Inbox directly inside the software itself, where emails are automatically processed to Candidates' profiles without intervention. For maximum security even smaller customers have their data stored in their own SQL Server database, which they can choose to update themselves using the world's first VisualForm Designer that Darwin created back in 2005.
Darwin first developed its .NET recruitment software back in 2006 in partnership with Microsoft, who helped test the solution in their Reading labs after 2 years of rigorous development. Microsoft said: "Darwin is quickly building a reputation as a dynamic and innovative software organisation, both publically and internally at Microsoft." From a service perspective, Darwin are the only recruitment software provider to assign a dedicated Relationship Manager to every customer account regardless of agency size, to ensure their clients remain highly satisfied. The new v3 Darwin dashboard now includes a Customer Survey to enable users to feedback their experience and suggestions directly to the Darwin management team. For further information call Darwin on 0800 326 5400 or email sales[at]darwin.com or visit: www.darwin.com