Fat Neck Guitars - Launch of New Guitar website

12th of October, 2010 Bookmark and Share
Welcome to FatNeckGuitars, a newly launched guitar website predominantly focusing on selling quality new and used guitars in the UK. Specialising in high end Custom Shop Guitars from Gibson and Fender as well as many more.

As well as detailed photos of each guitar we try to provide as much information about the instrument as possible including the weight, dimensions of the neck and description of the tone. To help with this we also post video clips to demonstrate all aspects of the guitar.

Fat Neck Guitars is a family run website. I some how managed to convince my wife to set up my dream business that attempts to provide the kind of service that I have been looking for personally.

Being a regular visitor to Denmark Street London, on line forums, on line internet stores and guitar shops all over the country, I’ve never been able to find just what I am looking for. That is, a place that provides nothing but good quality Gibson’s and Fender’s (and a few others) being sold by someone who has a passion for guitars. I not only want to sell you a guitar but to sell you the ‘right’ guitar.

The site was launched in September 2010 and at the time of writing, we have just started to get the right stock in, by way of example, today we have just taken delivery of a beautiful 1958 Gibson Les Paul VOS reissue, selling for £1,900. Now that’s a bargain!

Guitars are my passion and have been for 25 years. While playing in a band for 24 years I have been on a constant search for the next great guitar and in doing so managed to amass a decent collection of my own. Whilst on my quest I have established great contacts around the world, which is why we are able to bring you great guitars at great prices.

My wife runs the business from our home in Bromley Kent and we welcome you to come to our house, to try the guitar before you buy it. However, if that is not possible, we can have the guitar delivered to you, no problem!

In addition to selling guitars we also like to offer some ‘entertainment’, a great guitar photo gallery and community via our blog.

Come check us out at www.fatneckguitars.co.uk
Louise Jane Robey
My name is Colin and guitars are my obsession.