Fat Neck Guitars Launches Part Exchange and Consignment

12th of October, 2010 Bookmark and Share
Fat Neck Guitars (www.fatneckguitars.co.uk) is now offering its customers even more ways to achieve that ‘Dream Guitar’. Not content with just offering the best Custom Shop guitars at great prices, Fat Neck Guitars will now also help you sell your old guitar to help towards the new one.

Here’s how it works in three options:

Option 1: Guitar Purchase

Pretty simple this one. Contact us if you have a guitar to sell and we make you a straight offer. We don’t have unlimited funds but you never know, we might not be able to help ourselves.

Option 2: Trade-In

Again it’s what it says on the tin. You’ve seen something you like on our site but need a little help realising that dream and you’ve selected one of your own stock for sacrifice, let us know. We are willing to consider all trades and we will attempt to offer you more than your local Guitar Shop is willing to give. We understand how much your old guitar means to you so we are careful not to offend with our offer and appraisal.

Option 3: Consignment

Now this is how we are different. You know the normal deal, you give your guitar to a shop who put it up for sell at a huge price of which you only get 70%.

Well this is how we do it:

We gather all the details on the guitar for inclusion on our website and agree a selling price with you.
We advertise your guitar in all our normal places and work it as hard as we do our own stock.
You will list your guitar on e-bay* at least twice** with a link to our site.
You can decide whether you want us to look after the guitar during the sell period or not.
You will make the guitar available for viewing by potential buyers.


If you sell on e-bay then the e-bay costs are your own and you pay nothing to us.
If we sell the guitar for you, you will pay us £20.
If you buy one of our guitars we will refund you the £20 !

Given we can get almost any guitar you want, we will basically be selling your guitar for free!

Terms and conditions apply.

*Your e-bay fees are your own
** It’s in your interest to list on e-bay more than twice

Louise Jane Robey
My name is Colin and guitars are my obsession.