Aqua aerobics: a flab buster

29th of October, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Austin Wilson (29/10/11): Aqua aerobics is all about having fun while working out thunder thighs and jelly bellies.
Why aqua aerobics?
1. It is kind to your knees, so you are not likely to overstress the joints. You weigh only 10 per cent of your body weight in water. if you are 60 kg on land, you weigh 6 kg in water. so automatically the joints get unloaded since there is no weight pressure on them. People suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis and frozen shoulders can work the flab since you are the buoyancy of the water-and not the gravitational pull-to add resistance to weight-bearing exercises?

2. It helps strengthen the spinal cord and is therefore beneficial to the people with back problems and spinal cord injuries.

3. It helps obese people knock off ugly, unwanted fat. You can lose about 7.5 cm that is 3 inches to 10 cm that is 4 inches or 2 kg to 3 kg in a month.

4. If your weight has reached a plateau and is refusing to budge further, this is just what your body needs to shake it up. Water makes for 13 times more resistance than land, giving your body more flexibility and strength.

5. If you suffer from high blood pressure or cardiac problems than aqua aerobic is just for you. The buoyancy of water helps pump blood into your heart thereby reducing the stress on the heart and making it work that much lesser. It also has its own benefits in post-surgery rehabilitation.

6. It gets pregnant women help to get fit for a healthy, normal delivery. It is also a healthy way to lose flab post pregnancy.

7. Water is a big equalizer. Hydrostatic pressure helps work all muscle groups to give your body fantastic symmetry.

8. Senior citizens can shoo away age-related body stiffness.
With aqua aerobics the body experiences a delayed onset of muscle soreness. Also the massaging and acupressure effect of water heals the body while it works the flab.

Water is therapeutic:
Water is an anti -depressant. The moment you get inside the water, you feel cool, calm and collected, and look forward to a work out.
Water relaxes as it works into the psyche of an individual.
Water is a stress buster. It loosens stiff muscles.
“Watsu”, the combination of water and shiatsu, massages tiny muscles in the body to help you de-stress and wash away your worries. You feel rejuvenated, just like when you have had an aromatherapy massage.
What’s more, obese people feel secure when working out in the water. They feel less conscious and are able to give their 100 per cent to the routine.
The equipment:
Prickly ball.
Hand mitts, like the webbed feet of a frog.
Ankle weights.
Hydro treadmills.

These helps to strengthen the muscles and lend an even tone to the body. It all helps collectively to utilize stored fat for energy. It helps to attain flexibility and strength.

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