ECD announce 10% student discount on Apple repairs and services

24th of October, 2011 Bookmark and Share
In today's technological world, university campuses are alive with the sound of smartphones, tablet computers and every peripheral you can name. There's a real desire in 2011's youth to stay afloat of the techno times, with Apple proving to be the generation's no.1 choice. Apple products have flown off the shelves, with more units sold than any other brand on the market. Therefore, many people will encounter problems with their devices at one point or another, and fixes aren't always cheap.

So what do you do when your Apple product bites the dust? You contact a professional, of course; preferably a certified engineer with an all-encompassing knowledge of an iPad's inner workings. But while a techie will give you peace of mind on the repair front, your bank account might be strained.

ECD Ltd, an Apple-Authorised Service Provider, understands that students want to keep up with the latest handsets and that they don’t have the cash for costly repairs. Should their prized devices break down, students are more likely to spend money on nights out than refurbishing their iPad. Therefore, RepairMyApple is now operating a 10% discount for college and university attendees, making their competitive quotations all the sweeter.

They certainly provide enough services for Apple enthusiasts. Along with tackling repairs and refurbishments for iPads, iPods, iMacs and MacBooks, RepairMyApple also upgrade your existing device to suit your needs; including memory, hard drive space and software expansions. For students who love to carry a music library in their pocket, this option may be for you. Full data recovery is also available, including backup and transfer. Make sure that all-important dissertation is safe and secure!

Better yet, the company operates across the country, offering collection and delivery deals. Wherever you are, and wherever your Apple product is, they can help. Visit the website today for a quote… you may be surprised by how much money you can save. And for students, that’s a very welcome prospect indeed!
David James Nock
Dave James - Press Officer/Professional Blogger