ASA: A year of service in Pennsylvania through expansion and program development

19th of October, 2011 Bookmark and Share
ASA has undergone a complete rebranding to align the team with the people and organizations they serve. The grand opening of the certified Life Safety Monitoring Center in Pittsburgh is slated for November 2011. The facility is UL listed, features disaster recovery plans and back up support in Colorado in the event of an emergency. In the past year, office locations have also expanded to King of Prussia and Cleveland.

These imperative extensions have allowed ASA to impact a greater amount of people’s lives, especially in the most underserved areas in all of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. At the request of the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) over two years ago, ASA has worked diligently to bring service to both the rural and urban residents of the area. Through introduction as a provider with the local Waiver and Options programs, participation in seminars, health fairs and community events, and the opening of a local headquarters, a relationship has emerged that allows the team to deliver the ASA advantage to the market.

Challenges are faced when providing service to the mountainous areas of Pennsylvania, causing the residents to be some the most in need of quality care. Citizens of more dense communities often have their choice of care providers and emergency resources at their disposal. Rural regions have less contact readily available, which can put them in greater danger when a fall or medication error occurs. Similarly, urban areas frequently are underserved when crime rates and general discomfort become a factor. Whereas it can be considered a risk to provide to these areas, ASA prides itself in bringing quality service where it was not available in the past.

Along with the expansion across the state comes greater involvement with the local home and community based services. ASA is a provider to all 52 Waiver programs in Pennsylvania. This allows the team to offer home monitored medication management and medical alert solutions to seniors eligible for care. Through the delivery of quality customer service and superior life safety technology, ASA has developed a unique relationship with the county care managers. They have learned to look to the team for both support of their consumers and development of new initiatives.

One such program in its early stages is Care Transitions. Under this model, consumers will be open to a more communication-based care plan that features a health coach. This person will act as a liaison between the entire care team, as opposed to the current sole link between the provider and care manager. As the latest technological advancements are being tested, ASA already has equipment and practices in place that will bridge the gap and fix the current communication breakdown. Studies already show that this will lead to a premium level of care that has not yet been achieved. Representatives from ASA have been heavily involved in the conferences and research conducted on the new program.

While the finale to the year quickly approaches, the ASA team is already looking ahead to 2012. Exciting opportunities will continue to emerge, including building the foundation of Care Transitions and an expansion to serve the residents of Maryland.

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