Aderma® owes a huge thank you following a remarkable first 2 months on the Drug Tariff

12th of October, 2011 Bookmark and Share
As a result of the recent acquisition of Drug Tariff status Aderma® has been propelled into community markets where growth and demand have never been so widespread.

Much effort was geared towards encouraging communication between existing Aderma users and the customer support team, whereby literature was provided aimed to help inform community buyers of the new purchasing methods, codes and where they could purchase the products.

As a result the range of products have proven to be extremely popular with many new and existing trusts adopting Aderma® as standard practice when preventing pressure ulcers. We owe everyone who has helped to support us and encourage the use of the product a huge thank you.

CEO Dr Craig Barson comments on the support received:

“Everyone here at Focus feels very humble with regards to the support we got during this major change. It is truly an honor to call all the people who helped us OUR customers.

The effort many went to, to help spread the message was extraordinary and it goes to show just how much confidence and faith they have in our products as we have.”

Following the support received during the launch, Focus Product Developments Ltd / FPD Medical Ltd plan to continue building this relationship. We are currently working on a guide to the Aderma range with the aim of supporting users of the product by providing them with key training information regarding the application, clinical and cost benefits, contributing factors to skin breakdown, including typical signs on the skin, and highlight the most at risk patients.
Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Assistant at FPD Medical Ltd