43% of Women are Getting Crafty this Christmas

11th of October, 2011 Bookmark and Share
A survey conducted by Whitecroft Essentials, a leading UK supplier to the stationery, haberdashery and craft trade, has found that the recent economic situation is creating a ‘mend and make do’ culture this Christmas among 60% of women aged 18-30. An overwhelming majority (75%) admitted they envy their grandmother’s ability to fix up garments and 50% wish they were more at ease using their sewing kits!

The majority of women surveyed (69%) want to improve their domestic skills, with 43% confirming they are planning to make their Christmas presents this year. Of these, the most popular homemade presents include scarves (58%), jumpers (21%) and photo collages (13%).

While the inspiration for these thoughtful gestures of goodwill is due to the need to save pennies for 43% of these ladies, further reasons include the sentimental value of making handmade gifts (21%) and even wanting to avoid the Christmas shopping crowds (12%).

“These findings were really lovely to see.” Comments Laura Beddis, the Managing Director of Whitecroft Essentials (www.whitecroft.co.uk), which has recently celebrated its 101st birthday. “This is such a welcome return of a nostalgic time when homemade, creative gifts were really valued. It really is about the thought you put in at Christmas and craft is making a huge comeback.”

Leanne Thomas
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Leanne Thomas
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