Edinburgh’s Independent Hotels Miss Major Marketing Opportunity

6th of October, 2011 Bookmark and Share
A recent survey shows that only 17% of independent hotels in Edinburgh are using online video to market their accommodation.

The websites of 92 leading independent hotels in Edinburgh were investigated to see if online video is being used as a marketing tool. Results showed that only 16 accommodation providers showed online video on their website or related sites. The research was commissioned by www.Hotels.tv in Edinburgh, a leading online hotel booking service.

Online video is hugely popular with internet users. In the UK internet users watch 17 hours of online video on average per month (comScore June 2011). This figure is even higher in leading international markets such as the US and Germany. This is significant for hoteliers as 80% of hotel bookers use the internet for research (CHQ September 2011).

Ian Jamieson, Regional Director for Hotels.tv in Edinburgh, commented “Video marketing is a proven and measurable method of reaching new markets. Edinburgh’s independent hotels are missing an opportunity to differentiate themselves from local chain operators and international destination competitors. Client experience shows online video can increase online booking activity by 30% or more.

“However, hotel marketers need to understand that it’s not enough just to have a video, it’s how you use the video that is important. Hotel videos need to be seen in the right places to work, not just on the hotel’s own site.”

If you would like to know more about using online video marketing for your hotel, restaurant or bar, simply call Ian on 0131 208 3345 or email edinburgh@hotels.tv

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Ian Jamieson
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