Amazing Free Genie

30th of September, 2010 Bookmark and Share
An online shopping revolution has quietly been taking place but is now about to explode.
It is a free patent pending application that allows the user to get the best price online for millions of products
from pills and potions to patio pots and plants.
Comparison websites have been around for a while and are the fastest growing new type of business online.
The reason why they are so popular is because people like to get the best bargains and save money
The APP is called Myshoppinggenie and simply sits in the background out of harms way but springs into action at the click of a mouse
and within a few seconds you have the best prices for whatever it is that you are looking for.
The providers of the product say they are now getting over 80 million hits a day and have now started expantion into Europe and the far east
They are looking for distributors to aid with there expantion right now. So if you like the idea of giving away a FREE APP that saves people money
and you want to earn money then go and get your free genie and start a revolution in your neighbourhood.
Download your Free Myshoppinggenie here right now.
control click to open link or copy and paste into search box n your browser
Happy shopping

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