Evacusafe to demonstrate their range of evacuation equipment in Bolton on 5th/6th October

26th of September, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Following the success of their Evacuslider evacuation mattress, Evacusafe UK will be demonstrating their new upgraded version, the Excel Evacuslider, at the ‘Health and Safety North’ show at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton next week. Since the launch of the Standard Evacuslider earlier this year, and the recent launch of the Excel model, sales have gone through the roof, so much so that the Basingstoke based company have had to vastly increase production in order to keep up with demand.

The Evacuslider is a modern version of the ski-mattress which is used in hospitals and attached to the underside of a hospital mattress to enable patients to be evacuated comfortably and safely down stairways and corridors in emergency evacuation situations. The Evacuslider overcomes difficulties often found during evacuations due to the restricted width with of narrow corridors, staircases and fire escapes.

Paul Mitchell, Director of Evacusafe, said: “The uptake of our Evacuslider range has been truly incredible. Thankfully our team have been working all hours to keep up with the demand and to ensure our stock levels are replenished in time for the orders we anticipate the Health and Safety North show to generate. The majority of sales, so far, have come from the NHS and care homes and the feedback we’ve received has been great. The general consensus appears to be astonishment at the quality of our products for the prices we’re able to sell them at.

Our website sales have increased significantly since we introduced a 5% discount for online purchases. We’ve actually decided to extend the discount to any purchases made via telephone and paid for with a Credit or Debit card. Incidentally the 5% discount applies to our entire range of evacuation products, not just the Evacusliders .”

The Excel Evacuslider boasts full cushioned head support with adjustable straps, built-in carry handles and quick release belts, a large foot pocket for added comfort and security and, although a thicker and more comfortable mattress in comparison to the Standard Evacuslider, the Excel version is still light weight and easy-to-use and slides effortlessly across the floor.

The ‘Health and Safety North’ event takes place at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th of October 2011. Evacusafe UK will be situated at stand number 48.

As well as the Evacuslider mattresses they will be showcasing their entire range of specialist evacuation equipment, including their Tracked Excel Evacuation Chair, Ambulance /Transit Evacuation Chair and the new Evacuslider-mattress. The Evacusafe team will be on hand to demonstrate their range of safety evacuation equipment, to give advice and to answer any questions.

The Evacusafe range of evacuation equipment has been specially designed to facilitate the safe evacuation, in emergency situations, of people who are mobility impaired; whether due to wheelchairs, injuries, pregnancy or other mobility problems.

Easy to use and set up, each Evacusafe Tracked chair comes with arm rests, a seat belt, a cushioned head rest and brakes for ultimate safety and comfort. They also have sturdy hooks, a highly visible overhead sign and a protective cover, instruction manual and DVD.

All Evacusafe chairs meet current UK / EEC Fire Safety Regulations and Disability Discrimination legislation. They also help organisations to meet their duty of care in risk assessments and emergency evacuation procedures.

Evacusafe sell the Evacuation chair to a large number of organisations across the globe including hotels, hospitals, government buildings, banks, office blocks, schools, colleges, universities, fire equipment companies, ambulance and emergency services and health and safety organisations.

If you would like to speak to the company before the ‘Health and Safety North’ event please contact Paul Mitchell or Tony Gill on Office +44(0)1256 332723 or email them at info@evacusafe.net. Further details about Evacusafe and their products are available at www.evacusafe.net.
Paul Mitchell
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