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Obtaining high quality bed linen may be a top priority for many people when accessorising their bedrooms. It's essential to finish off your boudoir with the finest soft furnishings, because guests will always thank you for a comfy bed. But however high quality the linen is, nobody wants to pay more to import fabrics which may not be all you’d hoped; opting for UK-made bedding is not only a pledge of quality, it ensures superior customer services and satisfactory working conditions, and it’s beneficial for the economy and your bank balance too.

The benefits to our extensive range of products are revealed on this page, in a useful Q&A; we put together to help you make the correct decision for your home.

Why is it so vital to have high quality bed linen?

Getting the right bed linen is the path to creating a comfortable bed, which is the only way to guarantee a good night's sleep. You can be safe in the knowledge that with Boutique Linen – dedicated to providing you with top quality linen – you have chosen well. Every piece is created on our factory floor in Manchester, to a quality level we have perfected during 130 years of industry experience, before being sent free of charge to its new home: yours!

What makes professional quality bed sheets?

Of course, a large gsm is a good yardstick when measuring the standard of linen. All of our products have thread counts above 250, ensuring dense, opulent cotton. The compulsory safety and quality assurance inspections needed for all products made in the UK will give you even more peace of mind. Most importantly, however, a well-established and historic brand like us will always make quality bed linen, because our name rests upon it.

How can Boutique Linen improve my bedroom?

Boutique Linen stocks a fine and varied collection of luxury duvet covers, sheets and pillow slips sure to help make any bedroom in your house seem more opulent. Thanks to our experience of making bed linen for five-star hotels across the UK, our bed linen is gorgeous with a feather soft finish, but is also incredibly long-lasting. We offer lines which appeal to a range of differing customers, all with a quality assurance. The contemporary Brooklyn, the satin-finished Jardin, and the regal Chatsworth are just a handful of these. Your family will recline in bedding which is the pinnacle of comfort with our quality-assured, UK-made bedding.

Marcus Miles
Marcus Miles has an interest in interior designer and writes for several websites including Boutique Linen.