Footballnutra launches with triple world record

25th of August, 2011 Bookmark and Share
In three separate events held over this summer, 75 grassroots players across the UK played over 150 hours of football to break the world records for the longest ever futsal, 5-a-side and 11-a-side football matches.
The 36 hour futsal match and 42 hour 5-a-side match were to support the charities Cash for Kids and Freekicks. The 11-a-side match smashed the existing world record for the longest ever football match (60 hours) with 75 hours of non-stop football being played in aid of the Red Cross. Even though national teams are struggling, UK grassroots football is breaking world records.

While the days of pre-match pie and chips are (hopefully) over, Footballnutra believes that these world records show what footballers and the right nutrition can achieve. All the footballers used customised nutrition plans provided by Footballnutra as well as almost 4,000 servings of Footballnutra products.

UK based Footballnutra is the world's first sports nutrition company just dedicated to football. Footballnutra was founded by players and nutrition experts who were frustrated that the sport they loved was an afterthought for companies aimed at bodybuilding and endurance athletes with products more suitable to 'bulking up' than lasting 90 minutes. Football is a unique sport and footballers can finally benefit from their own nutrition company.

Company co-founder Mark Taylor explains ‘the right nutrition can make a big improvement to performance and recovery. Nutrition can help you have more energy in football matches and training sessions, recover quicker and even maintain your health to keep you playing longer. All our products have been specifically designed for football players and have been in development for over two years. We wanted to create suitable, clear and effective products, so started off with a top down analysis of football. We then formulated our products from the bottom up with applied research and testing. The resulting products provide the right things in the right amounts at the right times to football players’.

The Footballnutra range consists of drinks and capsules for Before, During and After football as well as Daily Health supplements which help maintain healthy bones, cartilage, brain, heart and joints. They can be used in any combination to benefit football performance, training, fitness or diet. Footballnutra drinks all contain carbohydrate and protein blends as the latest cutting edge research shows that this best support the endurance and power needed in football. As football has limited hydration opportunities capsules are used to provide players with a vital nutrition boost in just one mouthful.

Footballnutra is not only about providing football players with great products. Mr Taylor continues ‘we also wanted to create a company that tried to improve football which is why Footballnutra has a commitment to give a percentage of its profits back into the football community, particularly grassroots football’.
Footballnutra products have already been tremendously received by every level of football player, from professionals looking for a performance boost, to grassroots players who are looking for a way to stay healthy and stop sore muscles. So whether you’re an elite professional, keen Sunday league player or 5-a-side king, Footballnutra can help you play more and better football.

Footballnutra is determined to stay focused on its goal of providing the best nutrition products for football players of all levels as well as being the nutrition company that football deserves.

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Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor is co-founder of Footballnutra Limited.